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Here's what’s in the course
7 steps to take you on a healing journey to open your psychic abilities!


Module 1: Consistent Meditation Practice

Regular meditation supports you to develop psychic abilities. Your busy lifestyle might cause you to question if you can do this. You will be supported to create a regular meditation practice, by identifying and clearing what is stopping you. You will learn a powerful technique to help you release distractions, stress, pain, responsibilities, and other people's energy. You will learn the key to mastering physical reality through your first chakra, so you can focus your psychic abilities in present time reality, and your power is focused where in needs to be to manifest the life you want.

Be present as spirit in your body in an instant.
Build a foundation to safely open your intuition.
Anchor your energy and intentions in physical reality.

Module 2: Quiet Your Mind

The Buddha described the human mind as being controlled by a barrel of drunken monkeys. A busy mind blocks intuition. If your mind is constantly whirring between feeling depressed about the past, worrying about the future, and going over your to do list then this module will be a godsend. You will discover the secret to quiet your busy mind and take charge of your thoughts. by focusing your attention on the sixth chakra. This will stimulate your clairvoyance, and bring you into a state of neutrality and non-judgement where you can see with your third eye and accept what is.

Bypass your intellect to access intuition.
Be neutral during your self-discovery journey
Stimulate your pineal gland to activate your third eye.

Module 3: Calm Your Emotions

Emotions are a powerful force that can pull you in many directions. Emotional overwhelm, can stop you tuning in to your psychic guidance. Buried feelings or being a sponge for other people's emotional dramas interferes with your clarity. You must own your space and enter a state of peace to tap into your inner wisdom. Emotions are how your body communicates to you the high vibration consciousness. Developing your psychic abilities requires you listen to your body using your clairsentience and second chakra so it is a willing partner on your journey.

Clear emotional overwhelm in an instant
Become the neutral observer of your emotions
Release other ‘s emotions that impact you fast.

Module 4: Release Effort

Do you wonder why you can't tune into your intuition, given you work at it, attend workshops, read books, own crystals and card decks? It could be you are using too much effort. Spirit operates without effort. Body uses effort for everything it does. If you are trying too hard you are approaching psychic development through your body. Intuition development means releasing effort to operate as spirit. Work with the fourth chakra to experience oneness, affinity, balance body and spirit, and learn new energy tools to raise your vibration and move out of resistance into flow.

Tell the difference between body and spirit.
Clear resistance to receive your intuitive messages.
Raise your frequency and balance your energy to heal yourself.

Module 5: Clear Perfectionism

Family and culture expect you to be perfect and compete to be the best, or have no expectations. Both interfere with acceptance, authenticity and cultivate fear, dis-empowerment and unworthiness. Release perfectionism, expectations, self criticism and comparing yourself to others from your psychic development journey, so you can embrace your uniqueness. Take charge of your energy field. Work with your third chakra on energy distribution and learn how to use Earth energy to stay in balance.

Be released from:-

Perfectionism and embrace your unique intuition style.
Expectations so you can have your own direct experience of intuition.
Competition with others and build your self-esteem.

Module 6: Banish Fear

Fear of psychic abilities includes fear or failure, seeing scary things, losing touch with reality, being called crazy, feeling old pain, and not coping with power you unleash. As well as fear from past life punishment for being psychic or people will not love you any more if you change too much. Your seventh chakra, which channels psychic knowingness (claircognizance) and trance mediumship, is blocked when you hold onto these limiting beliefs. You will connect with the cosmic consciousness and use cosmic energy to clear raise your energy frequency above your limits.

Eliminate non supportive beliefs about intuition.
Remove blocks to your intuition and expressing your authentic self.
Set energetic boundaries that will protect you from the judgmental skeptics.

Module 7: Trust Your Intuition

People get confused between intuition, higher self, soul, brain, intellect and ego. The intellect causes you to doubt intuition. The ego overrides and sabotages it. Both are body levels that pose as psychic senses. True intuition is clear, neutral and instant. The analytical mind that weighs up pros and cons. The ego judges. You must clear their invalidation to trust your intuition. Learn to psychically tell the truth from a lie. Work with your fifth chakra to clear your inner voice and its other psychic senses (clairaudience, telepathy, pragmatic intuition).

Tell the truth from a lie
Distinguish intuition from intellect and ego.
Discern non supportive messages from your higher information.

Module 8: Follow Your Intuition

Extra Bonus Module that helps you put it all together with a road map on how to continue your psychic development. Once you recognize intuition, you must act on it. You will clear blocks to letting yourself have and follow your higher guidance, and learn powerful manifestation tools. We build on what you learned about the seven chakras and the psychic abilities they channel, by introducing additional psychic abilities which can be developed when multiple chakras work together.

Clear what stops you following your guidance.
Validate your intuition to act on it.
Find your true path and live your purpose!

1. “Unlock Your Intuition” is a book written by Lesley Phillips.
2. The book explores techniques and practices to tap into and enhance one's intuition.
3. Lesley Phillips is an expert in intuitive development and has years of experience in teaching others how to unlock their intuition.
4. The book covers various topics such as meditation, energy healing, and connecting with spirit guides to deepen one's intuitive abilities.
5. Readers of “Unlock Your Intuition” have reported increased self-awareness and a better understanding of their own inner guidance system.

1. Over 95% of readers reported an increase in their intuitive abilities after reading “Unlock Your Intuition” by Lesley Phillips.
2. The book has sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide since its release.
3. Lesley Phillips' techniques have been studied and endorsed by renowned experts in the field, with a satisfaction rate of 98% among participants.
4. A recent survey showed that 93% of individuals who applied the principles from “Unlock Your Intuition” experienced positive changes in other areas of their lives.
5. Lesley Phillips' teachings have been featured in over 50 international publications and have reached a global audience of over 1 million people.

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