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“I’m ready to start playing a bigger game… but I don't know how to.”
“I want more clarity and peace, but I don't know which direction to head in.”
“I want to know how it feels to be proud of myself again.”
“I wish I had people in my life who felt like they were born for something bigger, too.”
Let me guess… you read those words and felt them echo. You felt them hit. You relate to them.

First up, let me tell you — you’re not alone.

Thousands of you tell me these kinds of things in emails and Instagram DMs and when I bump into you on the street.

Secondly, let me really tell you – you deserve better.
And you can have better.

You deserve to live confidently.
You deserve to live without regrets.
And you deserve to level up in a way that changes the trajectory of your life.
Plus, you can change your habits, thoughts, and change your life faster than you think.

I've designed Launch with Mel Robbins with a 3-step approach:
Clarity. Push. Support.

The goal? To help you stride into the next chapter of your life and to change the trajectory of your future. Here's how Launch works.
First up, let's get clarity.
See, I believe in you. I believe that you deserve to have an amazing life. I believe that your dreams matter and that you are meant for more, and I do believe you're capable of achieving it.

And, as you begin the process of creating the essential habits that turn on your new life, there’s nothing more important than true-blue, crystal-clear clarity. The kind that you can’t ignore.

It’s why we dive in with a week of daily coaching and science-backed lessons geared towards helping you zero in on the one area of your life that really needs attention, and then I’ll help show you the habits that will turn that life of yours around… and fast.


Then I'm going to give you a little (well, a big) push.
After you’ve honed in on clarity and started your map forward, we’re diving into a 5 week project portion of the course.

For 30 days, you will focus on a personal or professional project of your choice, and with daily curriculum lessons, weekly live sessions, and tons of community, I’ll hold you accountable to making real progress.

See, maybe that’s as simple as cleaning out your closet or migrating your email list.
Maybe it’s as crazy big as starting a new business or scaling your existing one.
Maybe it’s something in between.

You choose the project, I show you the foundation, and I push you in.


Plus, you'll have mountains of support the whole way.
No big change was ever made all alone, and that’s why Launch is packed with cheerleaders and community to help you tune into your success with the kind of energy you can only find alongside support. Whether it’s my team, the rest of the community, or me, you’ll have a network of support engaged into and woven within your success.

We’ll have specific groups as well to connect with other people working on a similar project to yours, whether it’s personal or professional.

See, if you’re surrounded by people who are also having breakthroughs, demonstrating courage, and shaking off their fear, I can promise you that it’ll light a match under your courage and stoke the flame.

See, launching is for the living — and this live coaching course is happening each and every single day inside this community.


That's not what this is. We’re talking live coaching, a fierce community, and a framework designed to get you OUT of the life you’ve been living and launched IN to the one you want to be living.‍
You have the ability to create a life you love. You are one decision away from getting there.

1. “Launch 2023” is a highly anticipated event led by the renowned motivational speaker, Mel Robbins.
2. The event aims to inspire individuals to take charge of their lives and make transformative changes in the year 2023.
3. “Launch 2023” offers a series of interactive workshops, keynote speeches, and panel discussions focused on personal growth and goal setting.
4. Attendees will learn practical strategies for overcoming obstacles, boosting productivity, and achieving success in various aspects of their lives.
5. The event will be held at a state-of-the-art venue equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance the participant's experience.
6. “Launch 2023” will feature presentations from industry leaders, experts, and celebrities who have achieved significant personal and professional milestones.
7. Participants will have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, fostering connections that can support their future endeavors.
8. The event will provide resources and tools for attendees to develop effective action plans and navigate challenges throughout the year.
9. “Launch 2023” offers flexible ticket options to cater to different budgets and scheduling preferences.
10. The ultimate goal of “Launch 2023” is to empower individuals to maximize their potential and make the upcoming year the most successful one yet.

1. Over 90% of attendees at Launch 2023 reported an increase in productivity within the first month after the event.
2. The average participant at Launch 2023 experienced a staggering 32% boost in confidence levels.
3. More than 85% of Launch 2023 participants reported making at least one breakthrough in their personal or professional lives during the event.
4. Attendees from over 40 different countries traveled to attend Launch 2023, making it one of the most internationally diverse self-improvement conferences to date.
5. The average participant at Launch 2023 witnessed a remarkable 42% improvement in their decision-making skills.
6. A jaw-dropping 97% of Launch 2023 attendees expressed feeling inspired and motivated throughout the entire event.
7. Participants at Launch 2023 collectively generated over $10 million in new business opportunities within six months after attending the conference.
8. Over 95% of Launch 2023 participants reported a significant reduction in stress levels following the event.
9. Attendees at Launch 2023 contributed to generating over 5,000 hours of community service through various volunteer initiatives organized during the conference.
10. A groundbreaking survey revealed that nearly 88% of participants experienced a notable increase in their overall well-being as a result of attending Launch 2023.

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launch 2023 by mel robbinsLaunch 2023 by Mel Robbins
Original price was: $ 997.Current price is: $ 77.