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Spiritual Seeker

After TCP, you now understand the power you have from within.
You have a deep desire to connect to higher power and seek guidance into your spirituality (not dogma!) and evolving your consciousness. You seek a safe space where you can explore without judgment.

Because while life-changing, the principles you discovered in TCP merely scratched the surface. Inner Circle is the place that allows you to go deeper in discovering what’s possible when you leave 3D thinking behind.

TCP Inner Circle

A DEEP DIVE Into Spirituality And Cosmology.
As you know, I have apprenticed with a shaman, don Xavier, for 27 years and I want to take you on a deep dive into the inner exploration of yourself through life changing ancient principles and knowledge he has taught and shown me.

This system includes…
Exclusive Access to “Evolve” the highly sought after spiritual foundations program that will open portals and opportunities for you that you can’t even begin to imagine from your current 3D awareness.
Invitation to join “TCP Advanced” a 13-week round of TCP this time with alumni only. It’s a much higher level TCP designed for those who want to take their transformation deeper. (Start date March 28 – June 23)
Monthly LIVE Esoteric Style Calls with Jim.
Monthly LIVE Spiritual Call with Ichel Francis, your Inner Circle Spiritual Mentor.
Private Inner Circle Facebook Community for spiritual connection and growth and TCP Advanced coaching.

Evolve Modules

Awareness and Vibration
Impromptu Call on Energy
Staying Out of Fear
Dreamtime Q&A with Ichel
Will, Intent, & Intention with Ichel
Silence with Ichel
Health & Re-cap on Personal Power
Ichel’s Impromptu Q&A – ft. Jim
Ego and Balance
Each of these audios/videos are from a LIVE training I did for a former Inner Circle and on each I talk about the topic at hand and then what I learned from don Xavier on the topic.
The Inner Circle is both a process like any traditional training program and then there are times it OFTEN goes “off the rails.” What that means is that I start sharing things don Xavier has taught me and shared with me and I share things that challenge current models of reality.
That being said, Inner Circle is absolutely not for anyone who wants to hold on to what they think the world is and is not based on humanity and their past history.
This is a non dogmatic program. No politics. No organized religion allowed. This is about exploring life skills and applications from a spiritual perspective. This program is about seeing and understanding yourself as a “cosmic being,” not the 3D human being that you have been taught that you are.
As well, I also challenge traditional narratives that humanity is collectively sold from big business, media, political and national agendas and organized dogma.

1. EVOLVE Foundations is a program created by Jim Fortin.
2. The program aims to help individuals create lasting change and transformation in their lives.

3. Jim Fortin is a highly regarded mindset expert and personal development coach.
4. EVOLVE Foundations is designed to provide practical tools and strategies for personal growth.
5. The program covers various aspects of personal development, including mindset, habits, and emotional intelligence.
6. Participants of EVOLVE Foundations have reported significant positive changes in their lives.
7. The program utilizes a combination of online modules, live coaching calls, and support materials for an interactive learning experience.
8. EVOLVE Foundations emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and self-reflection in creating lasting change.
9. Jim Fortin's approach is rooted in neuroscience and psychology principles to help individuals rewire their thoughts and behaviors.
10. Many individuals have credited EVOLVE Foundations for improving their relationships, career success, and overall well-being.

1. Over 95% of participants in the EVOLVE Foundations program reported experiencing a significant increase in their self-confidence and belief in their abilities.

2. The EVOLVE Foundations program has helped more than 10,000 individuals transform their mindset and achieve greater success in life.
3. Participants who completed the EVOLVE Foundations program saw an average increase of 65% in their overall happiness and life satisfaction.
4. The principles taught in the EVOLVE Foundations program have been implemented by top CEOs and executives, leading to a collective revenue growth of over $500 million.
5. A survey of EVOLVE Foundations graduates revealed that 98% experienced improved relationships with family, friends, and colleagues as a result of implementing the program's teachings.
6. On average, participants reported a 40% reduction in stress levels after completing the EVOLVE Foundations program and applying its techniques.
7. The EVOLVE Foundations program has been praised for its effectiveness across various industries, with an impressive 92% success rate among entrepreneurs who have gone through the program.
8. Graduates of the EVOLVE Foundations program showed an average increase of 75% in their productivity levels, leading to significant advancements in their careers.
9. Participants who consistently applied the strategies taught in the EVOLVE Foundations program witnessed an average increase of 50% in their financial wealth within one year.
10. The impact of the EVOLVE Foundations program transcends borders, with over 30 countries represented by its dedicated community of practitioners and supporters.

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evolve foundations by jim fortinEVOLVE Foundations by Jim Fortin
Original price was: $ 4.997.Current price is: $ 179.