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The Upleveled Author’s Bundle
Here’s what you get:
Course #1.

How To Get A 6 Figure Publishing Deal (On Your First Try)

In this course I’ll teach you:

How to get a book advance of $100,000 or more before you write a single word of your book…

The 3 steps you take to go from idea to cashable check to published book in print…

What debut authors need to do differently than experienced authors and why being “new” can be an advantage (if you play it right)…

How to write the perfect book proposal (use my template that earned one client a $500,000 advance)…

How to know if your book idea is even publishable… let alone worth a 6-figure advance…

The one monthly service I use to guesstimate how much I’ll get paid and what publishers are looking for so I don’t waste time writing the wrong thing…

9 things you’ll need before a publisher will look at you for a deal this size…

How to come up with a 6-figure book idea if you don’t have one already…

What to watch out for when negotiating your deal (and how to bring in a pro to do it for you – recommended)…

Course #2.

How To Become A New York Times Bestselling Author

In this course I’ll teach you:

The real secrets of the New York Times Bestseller list.. And why calling it a “bestseller” list is dishonest and how you can use that to get on it…

The exact promotional schedule and strategy I’ve used to get 17 clients on the New York Times list for a combined 227 weeks…

How to compete against people like Tony Robbins and Stephen King when vying for limited slots on the list… (I’ve beaten them both more than once… it’s tough but doable)

What it really takes to sell 15,000 copies in a week and why that still might not be enough to get on the list…

How to get other people to elevate your book to the list…

How to get on the USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Sunday Times list (called “The Authority Stack” get on all these alongside New York Times and everything changes for your business)…

What to do once you hit the list to make sure you maximize profits for the long term…

Mathematical breakdown to see if you even have a chance of hitting the list based on what you have today (took me 10 years to perfect this prediction engine)…

Course #3.

How To Get Your Book In Bookstores, Libraries, And Even Big Box Stores

Doesn’t matter if you’re trad or self-published, I’ll show you how to get your print book into some of the biggest retailers right now.

Securing these deals takes a bit of know-how, some negotiation skills, and a little bit o’ elbow grease but seeing your book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble, or seeing the truckloads of books Target can sell for you makes it all worth it.

And for those who grew up in the Public Library like I did, I’ll show you how to make that childhood dream come true of getting your book in libraries. No better feeling than seeing your book well loved and used at a Public Library.

I’ll show you how.

Course #4.

How To Secure 5-Figure Speaking Gigs With Your Book

Almost every single one of my private clients uses speaking as a stream of income. One client does more than $2,000,000 a year just getting paid to speak (not typical results).

In this training I’ll show you how I use my clients’ books to get them booked on stages which pay a minimum of $10,000 or more to speak. If you’ve ever wanted to be a paid speaker, I’ll show ya how I do it for my clients.

Course #5.
$500,000 book proposal template
I’m including the exact template I use when helping my clients land 6 figure publishing deals. I’ll break it down for you step-by-step so you can follow along, fill-in-the-blanks, and use it to get deals.

I’ve never shared or sold this before ever.

Course #6.

6 In-Depth book teardowns from my editor

I’ve asked our Peaceful Profits Book Director and editor to share her favorite 6 in-depth book reviews she’s given to our clients.

You’ll see how she breaks down bad writing and turns it into award winning content. You’ll see her walk through my proven process for writing non-fiction that sells your readers into your services. And you’ll get loads of ideas on how to improve your own work just by watching her break down the work of others.

This is a 10/10 must watch to improve your ability to write good work that readers will love!

Course #7.

7 Ways to Come Up With Really Good Book Content

Never run out of ideas for writing great content for your book. This is NOT your average “how to write” course, this is about learning the secrets of non-fiction books that turn readers into fans, and fans into clients.

Deep dive into this four-part approach that covers 7 of our best strategies for never being beaten by the blank page and improve your current work-in-progress to sell better.
Course #8.

How To Be A Productive Writer:

Insights From Our Ghostwriting Team On How They Consistently Write Thousands Of Words Per Day
Learn from key members and top writers of my ghostwriting agency on what they do to produce tens of thousands of words per day for our clients.

This is the nitty gritty stuff most writers don’t talk about. You’ll hear from real professionals who live and die by the deadline and how they ALWAYS get stuff done, on time, and without struggle.

I wish I’d had access to this panel of professionals when I first started writing. Would have helped a lot to make me more productive earlier in my career.

Course #9.

Million Dollar Audiobook Secrets: How I Earned $1,000,000 In Audiobook Sales In Just 2 Years

I’ll show you how I earn around $500,000 per year in audiobook sales. I’ll show you the strategy, the marketing, and give advice you won’t hear anywhere else on how to add audiobook revenue to your book royalty count.

Truth be told, there’s stuff I do to sell audiobooks that I’m not seeing ANYONE do right now.

I don’t do the narration myself, I sell on many more platforms than just Audible, and as far as I’m concerned, audiobook sales are just free money the way I do it. Pure profit added to the overall authorship business.

This alone is worth the cost of this entire bundle that you can put into action in a weekend.

Course #10.

How To Get Your Book Turned Into A TV Show Or Movie: Navigating The World Of TV And Film Options

I’ve had multiple fiction books of mine optioned for TV. In fact, over the past 11 years of publishing fiction I’ve earned almost $120,000 just from companies holding and renewing options on my books.

But TV and Film options aren’t just reserved for fiction.

Non-fiction books are seeing a rapid increase in getting optioned for things like documentaries, reality shows, talk shows, Netflix shows, and more.

In this course I’ll show you exactly how to do it all.

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