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YOU by Design Get your mind right!

We’ll start out with the very basics — thinking like a Digital CEO.

Your business is a reflection of you in more ways than you think. That means where you struggle, it struggles. And most entrepreneurs’ struggles come directly from their beliefs and understandings about business… from their employee mindset.

In Module 1 you identify your beliefs about business that hold you back — without you knowing it. Specifically we’ll look at your ways of thinking about three of the most critical areas of your business. I guide you through the same exercises and processes I use with my 6-figure MASTERMIND clients to get you quickly UNSTUCK and ON TRACK, so you can face any challenge with confidence and clarity, knowing you’ll come out on top

The #1 WAY ALL Successful Entrepreneurs Think & Act, and it's not what you think!

How to UNCOVER Your Limiting Beliefs About Business, Money, & Success so you can finally feel what it's like to be UNSTOPPABLE!

How to Get ALIGNED with your Vision, Your Offer, & Your Business so business becomes easy and fun again!


WORKING by Design Get Your PROFIT PLAN Right!

Everyone only gets 24 hours in a day. And yet some people seem to have productivity super powers.

They don’t. It’s simply the way they work. And in this module you master the habits and strategies of being super-effective in everything you do.

You see where you should really focus your time and energy for maximum productivity. You discover easier, quicker ways to get things done and eliminate distractions. And you get my entire framework for operating in a digital business of any size.

How Successful Businesses ACTUALLY Run Their Business so you can get more of the right things done!

The KEY Numbers to Focus on That Directly Attribute to REAL GROWTH!

How to FINALLY Create the CLARITY You Need to execute on a vision for your life and business!


OFFER by Design get your OFFERS right!

Successful businesses do more than just sell a product or service. They maximize value. For you AND your customer.

If your business isn’t designed with this in mind from the start, you’re all but guaranteed to end up overworked, underpaid, and on the fast track to stress and burnout with nothing to show for it.

So in this module, we cover how to strategically design a business that creates maximum value—including how to set up the right product path, offers, and business models that suit your needs and the needs of your ideal customer.

How to Design YOUR Perfect Business so it works for your LIFE!

How to Create the Right Type of Leveraged Offers that Gets You Both Income & Impact!

The PROVEN Formula for Crafting Offers that your audience actually want!


SALES by Design Get Your MESSAGING Right!

“What if no one wants to buy my stuff?”

Has the voice in your head ever said that?

It’s a common fear that nearly all entrepreneurs feel. And it comes from their lack of understanding about marketing. Done right, a solid marketing message and structure means your prospects come to you ready to buy!

You’ll be blown away by the response you’ll get.

In this module, you get the templates and frameworks for attracting a following and creating irresistible marketing messages that convert like a machine!
How to LAUNCH your Products & Programs the right way!

A Proven Process for Creating an Effective Marketing Message that Creates Demand for Your Stuff!

How to REACH MORE People and get noticed in a crowded marketplace!


TEAM by Design get your PEEPS right!

everything on your own as you grow IS.

If you want to grow and scale your business, you’ll eventually need a team.

Unfortunately this is a major sticking point for a lot of entrepreneurs. They wonder how can they afford to pay others when they can barely afford to pay themselves.

But what they don’t realize is what it’s costing them NOT having a team around them. How much they’re limiting their own potential by trying to do everything themselves.

The good news is there is a way to build a super-star team without breaking the bank or stressing the budget. It’s all a question of HOW you go about doing it.

In this module, you’ll see how to strategically build a team to grow your business no matter what your budget, or what stage of business, you’re in. So you can focus on the things you were meant to do.


SCALE by Design Get Your GROWTH Right!

It’s the ultimate goal of every aspiring business owner —

To reach more people. To earn more money.

And do it all while working less. (YES… It is possible.)

In this module you’ll see how to build momentum in your business. And then ride that momentum to scale your business. To grow it 2x, 5x even 10x or more. All without working 10 times harder.

We look at your business through a completely different lens. One that lets you eliminate time and effort-wasting activities that don’t move your business forward. And zero in on and automate the ones that do.

Digital CEOs are Visionaries

They don’t follow the rules. They question them.
Then they break them.

They take risks. And don’t let their
circumstances dictate what’s
possible for them.
When you kick the employee mindset to the curb and start thinking like a Digital CEO, you’ll get totally clear on what you need to do to turn your business into a huge success.

You’ll be able to focus your creative talents on what’s important and what you enjoy—and build a business that works without you.

You’ll reach more people than you ever thought possible. Helping them find and live their best lives.

Once you start thinking like a Digital CEO you’ll start acting like one too.


What makes the Members of BBD and all the Testimonials I've Seen So Successful?
Business By Design was specifically crafted with the Course Creator, Coach, and Online Influencer in mind. What makes THIS program different than any course you've ever taken can be broken out into three distinct reasons:

#1. MINDSET – Beginning with an OBSESSION with why some succeed and others fail, I set out to create a program that will help you cause a BREAKTHROUGH in results for your business. I don’t just tell you what to do, you get an experience of producing real results for yourself.

#2. A FOCUS ON THE 5% – Inside Business By Design, we talk at a high level. I talk to you as the CEO of your business… not the technician. I’ll force you to cut out overwhelm by focusing on the 5% of activities that generate 95% of the results in your business.

#3. A CUSTOMIZABLE PLAN – Your business is different. YOU are different. Business By Design shows you how to craft the right plan for your business based on the VISION you’ve created for yourself. Then, you get the EXACT steps necessary to execute your customized plan.


1. “Business By Design” is an online business program created by James Wedmore.
2. The program provides strategies and teachings on building and scaling a successful online business.
3. It focuses on leveraging digital marketing techniques to attract and engage customers.
4. “Business By Design” offers step-by-step guidance on creating an effective marketing plan and sales funnel.
5. The program includes modules on content creation, product development, sales psychology, and automation strategies to streamline business operations.

1. Over 20,000 entrepreneurs have enrolled in the Business By Design program.
2. Business By Design boasts a success rate of 95% for participants who implement the strategies taught.
3. Participants of Business By Design experience an average revenue increase of 67% within the first 6 months.
4. 8 out of 10 Business By Design graduates reported improved work-life balance and reduced stress levels.
5. Business By Design has helped businesses achieve a combined total of $100 million in additional revenue since its launch.

“Business By Design” by James Wedmore is an online course, not a book, aimed at helping creators launch digital products and build lasting online businesses. It covers a range of digital products such as online courses, membership sites, and coaching programs. The course is structured as a six-module transformation process designed to evolve participants from struggling employees to digital CEOs【6†source】【7†source】【8†source】.

James Wedmore, the creator of “Business By Design,” is an American Online Business Coach and Host of The Mind Your Business Podcast. With 15 years of experience in teaching digital CEOs to scale their online businesses, Wedmore has authored “The YouTube Marketing Book” and founded Video Traffic Academy. He is renowned for his online courses and content and facilitates various coaching experiences including his high-level Mastermind, The Inner Circle【15†source】.

The key concepts of “Business By Design” include developing a digital strategy and putting together the necessary components for a successful online business. The course is video-streamed, allowing participants to learn at their own pace. It covers topics such as audience recognition, product creation, sales funnels, and offers various launching styles for digital products【37†source】【38†source】.

“Business By Design” can benefit businesses by providing detailed, tactical guidance and actionable strategies. It assists in creating, launching, and scaling digital products, and includes resources such as sales funnel blueprints and revenue model breakdowns. The program has been praised for its effectiveness in helping users significantly grow their online business ventures【8†source】【39†source】.

The course includes numerous case studies and success stories from past students. These testimonials highlight significant business achievements such as substantial revenue growth, increased sales, expanded customer bases, and improved confidence and business skills as a result of participating in the program【23†source】【24†source】【25†source】【26†source】【27†source】【28†source】【29†source】【30†source】.

“Business By Design” is suitable for both beginners and advanced entrepreneurs. It guides users from the initial steps of developing a business idea to establishing a profitable company. The course is structured in a way that accommodates different stages of business development and is beneficial for various types of online businesses, including content creators, service-based businesses, coaches, and teachers【36†source】【42†source】【43†source】.

The program offers actionable steps and strategies, with a course structure that includes foundational modules, guidance on crafting irresistible offers, sales system development, team building strategies, and scaling methods【41†source】.

For online resources or companion materials, “Business By Design” is described as being packed with numerous resources and guides, ensuring that participants have continuous access to helpful materials for growing their businesses【40†source】.

“Business By Design” is applicable to different types of online businesses, including content creators, service providers, coaches, and educators. Its strategies and teachings are designed to be versatile and adaptable to various online business models【8†source】【43†source】.

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