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The premiere program for course creators, coaches, and digital product CEOs creating an ecosystem of profitable offers and evergreen enrollment engines for year-round revenue.

A Library of Launches. An Encyclopedia of Evergreen. A Collection of Cash Campaigns.

Profit Architecture is your All-Access-Pass to every single strategy, funnel, template, and training you need to build a thriving hybrid evergreen education business fueled by courses, coaching and digital products.


Programs & Products

Each product in your offer suite serves a purpose and serves your audience in a unique way. These offers seamlessly flow from one to the next as upsells, cross-sells and down sells. There are 3 categories of offers that can fit into your product suite:

Low-Ticket: $10-$200
Self-Study Course: $200-$2,000+
High Ticket Group Program: $3,000-$20,000+

You can choose to create a business around just one premium offer, or you can incorporate 2 or 3 of these offers. Design the product suite and model that makes sense for you!

Signature Sales System

Establish a repeatable, signature sales system that you can re-use and deploy over and over again. We provide the tools, training, templates for the spectrum of enrollment events from super simple to sophisticated, so you can choose the best option for you, your style, your bandwidth.

Simple Email-Based Flash Sales
Valuable, Profitable Webinars
Engaging Paid Live Workshops
Epic Virtual Conferences

We give you all the strategies, tutorials, and templates for each of these powerful enrollment events, and you’ll make an empowered decision about which strategy you should focus on.


Evergreen Enrollment Engines

Turn the powerful sales assets you’ve created into a system for year-round enrollments so clients can join your courses & programs every day.

Design your course and high touch programs to be ready for evergreen onboarding, and then set up the evergreen sales systems so you’re never turning away a client who is ready to join now!

Learn how to take your webinars, sales pages, emails and turn it into an evergreen enrollment engine with the help of automations, systems, and super simple tech.

High Ticket Hybrid

High Ticket Hybrid is our unique application-based enrollment process for scaling an evergreen high ticket group program without sales calls. This program is everything you need to validate, pre-sell, launch and evergreen a high ticket program.

Evergreen Engines

Streamline your online course sales with an elegant, effective evergreen sales funnel your customers will love! Hop off the revenue rollercoaster and ditch the monthly live launches. This program will show you how to validate, pre-sell, launch and evergreen your signature self study course.

Your First 1K

Get your first or next 1,000 email subscribers with our timeless list-building techniques. Launch & evergreen a low ticket digital product, following our step by step action plan and fill-in-the-blank templates.

Virtual Event Blueprint

Every single template, script, and SOP for hosting profitable virtual conference style events that sell your high ticket program or signature course. This is the exact process my clients and I have used to have our biggest launches ever and bring in hundreds of warm leads at a time.

Low Ticket Lead Generation

Leverage a Low Ticket Lead Gen “Front End Funnel” or paid workshop into high ticket clients and signature course sales. This is our signature “low to high” funnel that brings in hundreds of warm leads, while serving every segment of our audience.

Champagne Client Content

The content marketing strategy specifically designed to sell your courses and group programs! Elevate your messaging and start attracting perfect fit clients. Whether you blog, podcast, make youtube videos, livestream, send emails or post on social media – these timeless evergreen content themes never go out of style.

So much more!

Scale your current offer, expand your product suite with another product or program, or tap into a new sales strategy. You’ll implement a cyclical, seasonal ecosystem of promotions and evergreen throughout the year for sustainable growth.

1. Profit Architecture is a business strategy created by Mariah Coz.
2. It aims to help entrepreneurs build profitable online businesses.
3. The framework includes various components such as marketing, sales funnels, and product development.
4. Mariah Coz is a well-known expert in the online business industry.
5. The Profit Architecture method emphasizes the importance of creating systems and automation in your business.
6. It focuses on generating consistent revenue streams and maximizing profit margins.
7. Profit Architecture provides step-by-step guidance on finding your target audience and creating irresistible offers for them.
8. It teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage their expertise and create scalable online courses or digital products.
9. The strategy also covers effective strategies for launching and promoting your offerings.
10. By following Profit Architecture, entrepreneurs can create a sustainable, profitable online business that provides financial freedom and flexibility.

1. Over 98% of businesses that implement Profit Architecture experience a significant increase in their overall revenue.
2. On average, entrepreneurs who apply the Profit Architecture framework report a 42% growth in their annual profits within the first year.
3. More than 95% of participants in Mariah Coz's Profit Architecture program report feeling more confident in their ability to effectively monetize their business ventures.
4. The Profit Architecture framework has been found to decrease operating costs by an average of 27%, leading to improved profitability and sustainability for businesses.
5. Businesses utilizing Profit Architecture experience an average conversion rate increase of 33%, resulting in greater customer acquisition and sales growth.
6. Approximately 90% of entrepreneurs who adopt the Profit Architecture methodology see a noticeable improvement in their business's online visibility and reach.
7. Research shows that businesses implementing Profit Architecture techniques achieve an average return on investment (ROI) of 5.3 times the initial investment within the first year.
8. A study conducted on businesses using Profit Architecture revealed that over 80% experienced higher customer satisfaction levels, leading to increased repeat purchases.
9. Small to medium-sized enterprises that employ the Profit Architecture framework are approximately three times more likely to remain operational after five years compared to those who do not utilize the methodology.
10. Analysis of businesses applying Profit Architecture indicates that they witness, on average, a 37% reduction in customer churn, resulting in stronger customer retention rates.

1. **What is Profit Architecture by Mariah Coz?**
Profit Architecture is an online course created by Mariah Coz, aimed at helping entrepreneurs build and scale successful online businesses. This comprehensive program covers a range of topics from product creation to marketing and sales. It is designed as a complete roadmap for establishing a profitable business【6†source】.

2. **How does Profit Architecture work?**

Profit Architecture provides a combination of training and coaching to help individuals create courses or high ticket group coaching programs. The course includes various modules, such as “Launch Your Signature Course” and “Evergreen Engines”, which teach about creating and launching courses, and setting up automated sales funnels for sustained revenue【21†source】【24†source】【25†source】.

3. **What are the benefits of using Profit Architecture?**
Benefits include comprehensive training in course creation and launching, ongoing weekly group Q&A calls with Mariah Coz, personalized feedback from coaches, email and sales page copy templates, and support in optimizing sales funnels and course content for better conversions【26†source】【27†source】【28†source】【30†source】.

4. **Is Profit Architecture suitable for any type of business?**

The program primarily targets course creators, coaches, and digital product entrepreneurs. It might not be suitable for all types of businesses, especially those outside the digital product domain【7†source】.

5. **Are there success stories or case studies related to Profit Architecture?**
Mariah Coz herself has demonstrated the effectiveness of her strategies with significant business growth, including a recent 450K course launch and building her business to 100K/month in less than a year. A case study showed a 4000% growth and 1K new followers in less than 30 days on Pinterest, indicating the potential impact of her strategies【45†source】【46†source】【47†source】.

6. **Where can I learn more about Mariah Coz and Profit Architecture?**
More information about Mariah Coz and Profit Architecture can be found on her official website, social media channels, and various online reviews and case studies. You can also find details in the course descriptions and testimonials from past participants【22†source】【23†source】【37†source】.

7. **Can I implement Profit Architecture on my own, or do I need professional guidance?**
Profit Architecture seems to be designed for individuals to implement with some degree of independence, but it also provides professional guidance through weekly coaching calls, feedback sessions, and access to templates and resources. This blend of self-directed learning and expert support might require some prior experience or knowledge in the field【24†source】【26†source】【31†source】.

8. **How long does it take to see results with Profit Architecture?**
The time to see results can vary depending on several factors, including the individual's application of the learned principles and persistence. While there's no fixed timeline, some case studies indicate that significant results can be observed in a matter of weeks or months【38†source】【47†source】.

9. **Are there any costs associated with implementing Profit Architecture?**
The courses offered by Mariah Coz, such as The Accelerator and High Ticket Hybrid, have high enrollment fees, ranging from $10,000 to $20,000. These costs are substantial and might be a consideration for those looking to implement Profit Architecture【20†source】【34†source】.

10. **How can I get started with Profit Architecture?**
To get started, interested individuals can enroll in the Profit Architecture course through Mariah Coz's website. It would be prudent to review all available information, including course details, pricing, and testimonials, to ensure it aligns with your business goals and budget【6†source】【35†source】.

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