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High Impact Writing

High Impact Writing is a self-paced, fully written and video course (however you prefer to learn) with one goal:
To grow your brand and business through high-quality, social media writing.
It’s designed for the busy entrepreneur — a zero-fluff, easy-to-execute, actionable system.

How it works:

Step 1:
Position yourself

The secret to successful content is specificity. Get clear on how and who you help.

Step 2:
Write magnetic short
and long form content

Pull people into your world using basic copywriting techniques combined with the three pillars of magnetic writing (no previous copywriting experience required).

Step 3:
Sharpen your ideas
and writing in public

Refine your ideas through a deliberate data-driven approach — iterating on what works.

Step 4:
Make the process effortless

If you’re like me, you’re busy and have no interest in spending all day on social. You'll learn systems for creating, repurposing, reposting, and redistributing to get you off the treadmill.

Each lesson has clear examples applied to many industries, making it easy to follow regardless of your niche or writing ability.
Here’s a quick video showing you around:

And here's a module breakdown:

Module 1:

How to position yourself persuasively in 3 simple steps

Most niche advice is overcomplicated and overwhelming. You’ll learn how to simplify your value-proposition to one sentence, including what you write about and, more importantly, who you write to.

How to nail your niche with a few easy questions… even if you have no clue what to write about

The big mistake holding your brand back… and how to set yourself apart from your biggest competitors

Get clear on your ideal reader and position yourself as THE writer for them

What to do if you have many interests and can't decide where to start

How to use ChatGPT to build an entire reader profile in under 5 minutes… and come up with hundreds of content ideas (you just need to fill in the blanks)

John Deo avatar
“High Impact Writing has taught me more than a 4-year college degree. I was so confused about my niche. Anyone who is thinking of starting writing online, don't think twice and buy this course. It will be the best life investment that you'll make.”

John Deo / Software Developer
Oleskii avatar
“There’s an insane amount of content inside HIW that teaches you how to become a better writer, with interesting things I'd never even heard about before. It also solved my big problem with the niche. So I can’t recommend this enough. Kieran is a magician.”

Oleskii / Video editor
Module 2:

How to write for social media using the SUCKS framework

You must be able to hook and hold attention. Module 2 is the simplest, most effective breakdown of copywriting fundamentals applied to content you’ll find online.

Make your writing slam home using the ‘Rule of One’ concept

Become instantly more trustworthy with one simple trick

The secret behind A-grade content (and how to tap into it on repeat)

Supercharge your reputation with the 3 layers of proof

2 simple questions to stop you from boring or confusing your audience

An editing ‘trick’ to make your writing much more personable

4 ways to make your content ooze with curiosity

How to use ‘open loops’ to drive your reader into a consuming frenzy

How to make first drafts a breeze with one simple strategy (no more writer’s block)

This isn’t just theory. Each lesson shows how to apply the SUCKS framework in many situations — giving you copywriting 101 in just 26 minutes (without spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning as I did!).

Mickey avatar
“I can confirm, the SUCKS framework is a goldmine.”

Mickey / Writer
Laurie avatar
“I love Kieran's approach because he guides you through a framework to ensure you have something substantial to say — you're contributing something meaningful and inherently distinctive. And therefore, it will automatically help you stand out in the minds of the audience that's most relevant to you.”

Laurie / Brand Strategist & Copy Specialist
Module 3:

How to create snappy short-form content

Short-form is the glue that holds together your brand and business. You’ll learn to compress your thoughts into bite-size, value-packed messages to stay top of mind.

5 easy ways to make your statements sticky (these simple tweaks will boost your chance of virality)

How to write ‘conversationals’ and ‘listicles’ to position as an authority

The secret to writing with personality (even if you think you have none)

How to write authentically so you stand out in the sea of AI-generated crap

How to be taken seriously when sharing opinions, observations, and predictions

How to be polarising even if you hate ‘rocking the boat’

How to write ‘micro-stories’ that build an incredible bond with your reader (no storytelling skills required)

How to write about client results to drive more attention to your business

How to write highly persuasive call to actions (scale your newsletter, sell more products, and land more clients in the DMs)

Each lesson comes with over-the-shoulder writing demonstrations to see the advice in action. Plus, you get prompts, templates, and frameworks to remove all friction from the content process.
The same is true for module four.

Zachariah Rock avatar
“My favorite part about HIW is the short-form content module. I've always struggled with short-form writing but Kieran made it so much easier, now I write tweets every day and can continue gathering data on what works and what doesn't.”

Zachariah Rock / Solopreneur
Skyler avatar
“I had no idea where or how I’d start writing short form copy. But Kieran took me by the hand and baptized me in the gentle rivers of his High Impactful Writing course. His simple structure and teaching made it crazy easy for me to start learning the secrets for impactful writing.”

Skyler / Marketer
Module 4:

How to write compelling long-form content

Long-form is the backbone of your business — driving reach, relationships, and revenue. But many people spend too long writing content that flops. This module will make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

A simple 3-step process to transform your hooks into scroll-stoppers

4 persuasive hook formulas guaranteed great engagement (and how to use them without sounding like a copycat)

An easy-to-follow writing system to help you create quality content on repeat

How to transform your writing into a ‘slippery slide’ to pull your reader down the page

How to share long-form actionable advice without boring your audience to death

The fastest way to accelerate your authority in your niche (even if you’re unknown right now)

How to translate your life experiences into seductive storytelling without sounding self-centred or braggy

Demonstrations for how to write long-form content fast (without sacrificing quality)

This is not a ‘take it once and forget it’ investment.
Each lesson is designed so you can retake them every week you sit to write. There are no confusing 40-minute rambles. Just a series of 5-minute presentations plus practical walkthroughs.

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