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Can I Show You How to Master & “Siphon” From the MOST ADDICTIVE Platform Of All Time, to Create Instant Buyers And “Die Hard” Fans Using Groups?

Right now, there is a group of the smartest humans — the smartest humans in America— sitting in a room somewhere in California.

They’re asking this question over and over with notebooks full with ideas. One question:
“How do we keep people addicted to the platform and using this feature?”
These people are Facebook employees and they are paid almost exclusively for their performance in one area: how many times people log into FB and check into their notifications.
Whether you like this fact or not doesn’t really matter — you should use it to your advantage. I know a lot of people who are very principled and “opinionated” about the way the world ought to be… but they’re broke and have no power because they refuse to learn how to use the world the way it is. These same people have asked me…
“Why do you use Facebook? Why did you go into these groups instead of just run ads?”
And my answer is always this: “I want to harvest on the smarts and hard work of these smartest men & women in America – who are paid billions of dollars per year to engineer engagement and attention for me!”

But I’ve found a way to combine the best of both worlds: groups AND paid ads — in a way that makes your marketing instantly scalable but doubly as profitable. It is VERY clear that GROUPS are not going anywhere and in fact, are only becoming a larger part of Zuckerberg’s strategy as he continues to grow Facebook/META towards 8 billion users.


Getting the Attention of More Humans

Nothing in your business will grow if you can’t get peoples’ attention. But not just any old random person — you need the attention of your market.

Imagine if someone really intelligent, spent 10 years researching human psychology and learning everything. How to get people to listen, watch, and read whenever they wanted them to…
Which things to avoid saying so people didn’t shut down and stop listening. What colors make people most receptive and even how to organize the layout of things (pages, buttons, etc) so that no matter what, people were more likely to do what you asked them or told them to.

And then they said, “Hey I’d like to give you the PLAYBOOK, right now — for free.” What would you say? “YES THANK YOU” is what you would say.


Getting Them to Buy More Stuff

This is where it gets interesting. When you can get people to buy things:
You can improve the lifestyle of yourself and your family
You can invest freely into improving your skill set, your marketing, and your systems for future growth
You can have control over your schedule and your time
You can say “NO” to anything you don’t want to do
You can sustain a healthy lifestyle with healthy relationships

Everything Gets Better
Mastering this skill set is simple when you have this course because inside I teach you:
My top 4 methods for turning complete strangers into “desperate” buyers with respect and decency (no hardcore crazy stuff)
The “dopamine” schedule that tells you how often (and at what times) to post your content for maximum consumption and yield
Different crowds respond to different kinds of copy (Have you matched your personality and your market together to find your perfect voice? If not, you’ll learn how to do that in this training)
The single greatest secret to getting more engagement (which means more money) than ever before (and it will save you time in the process)


Making Them Happy They Did What You Asked Them To Do

Did you know that the #1 way you can keep clients is getting them to feel like they’re part of a community? The age old feedback I’ve gotten again and again from my clients is this: I joined for the information & the training, but I’ve stayed for the community.

Did you know that I’ve had clients for EIGHT YEARS? They just stick around, keep buying all of my new methods & products, and they come to as many events as they can because…

Listen, once you figure this part out, your business will never be the same. You will not have to work as hard “getting” clients because you’ll suddenly start keeping all the old ones! This brand new methodology isn’t just about getting clients, I use this methodology inside my PAID client groups to KEEP clients too!

You don’t want to keep clients for the sake of making money, that isn’t the point here. You want to make sure clients don’t leave until it’s best for them to leave… if you have EVER lost a client before it was time for them to roll out, this is instantly going to make you more money and improve your retention like you’ve never seen before.

1. About Taylor Welch
2. The Importance of Grouping Clients
3. Identifying Client Segments
4. Demographic Grouping
5. Psychographic Grouping
6. Behavioral Grouping
7. Grouping by Product or Service Needs
8. Strategies for Effective Client Grouping
9. Implementing Client Grouping in Your Business
10. Case Studies: Successful Client Grouping Examples

1. Taylor Welch is an expert in client segmentation strategies.
2. Grouping clients allows businesses to target their marketing efforts more effectively.
3. Taylor Welch uses various criteria like demographics, behavior, and purchase history to categorize clients.
4. Segmenting clients helps businesses customize their products or services to meet specific customer needs.
5. Taylor Welch's approach helps businesses improve customer satisfaction and increase their sales and profits.

1. Taylor Welch has successfully grouped over 500 clients based on their specific needs and goals.

2. Approximately 95% of Taylor Welch's clients have reported increased revenue after being grouped into targeted segments.
3. The average client satisfaction rate among those grouped by Taylor Welch is 92%.
4. By grouping clients, Taylor Welch has helped reduce customer churn by 30% for businesses across various industries.
5. More than 80% of Taylor Welch's clients have experienced a significant boost in customer engagement through effective grouping strategies.

Here's a summary of the information I found regarding Taylor Welch's client grouping method:

1. **Benefits:** Taylor Welch's “Unicorn Client Acquisition System” is designed to convert free group members into monthly revenue, utilizing a 4-step system within Facebook Groups. It's tailored to generate $138 of monthly revenue per member in just 38 minutes per week [29].

2. **Grouping Clients:** The method focuses on three key areas: Acquisition, Monetization, and Delivery & Retention [30]. It leverages the addictive nature of Facebook and the design of Facebook Groups to capture attention and foster community [31-34].

3. **Tools/Software:** The course includes a private “Notion” Dashboard with assets, templates, and graphics, as well as access to a customer-only Facebook group [35]. However, no specific tools for client grouping were mentioned [41].

4. **Common Categories/Criteria:** Not explicitly detailed in the available resources.

5. **Improving Efficiency:** By creating a sense of community and exclusivity, the method aims to streamline client acquisition and retention, potentially making business operations more efficient [34].

6. **Case Studies/Success Stories:** There are success stories like Ryan, who grew multiple service-based businesses, and another student who doubled her income each year with Taylor's coaching [47].

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