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Ready to enroll?

When you enroll today, you aren’t just making the decision to become a Life Coach.

You’re making the decision to live and lead a bigger, more meaningful life.
You’re making a decision that will not only change your life…
But also change the lives of those around you.
And when you look back at this moment five, ten, or even twenty years from now…
You’ll remember this day, this moment, as the real turning point in your life.
You will have a heart full of joy as you look back on all the lives you impacted and helped.
My friend, if you’re here reading this right now, it’s not an accident.
This is your calling to step into your potential because there are people out there who need YOU.
They need what you do, they need your story, and they need your guidance.
“Just by creating the possibility in your mind, you make it possible.”

1. The Coach Certification Program by Brooke Castillo is a comprehensive training program designed for individuals who want to become professional coaches.

2. The program is focused on teaching coaching skills and techniques that can be applied to various areas of life, such as business, relationships, and personal development.
3. Brooke Castillo, the creator of the program, is a highly acclaimed life coach and industry leader with many years of experience in helping people achieve their goals.
4. The program covers a wide range of topics, including goal setting, mindset shifts, effective communication, and accountability.
5. Participants in the program receive extensive training materials, online modules, and access to a supportive community of fellow coaches-in-training.

6. The certification program consists of both theoretical learning and practical exercises to ensure participants gain hands-on experience in coaching.

7. Graduates of the program receive an official certificate that validates their training and expertise as a certified coach.
8. The Coach Certification Program by Brooke Castillo has been recognized for its rigorous standards and high-quality curriculum.
9. The program offers flexibility in terms of scheduling, allowing participants to complete the training at their own pace.
10. Graduates of the program have gone on to establish successful coaching practices and have made positive impacts in the lives of their clients.

1. The Coach Certification Program by Brooke Castillo has trained over 2,500 successful coaches worldwide.

2. 98% of graduates from the Coach Certification Program report an increase in their coaching revenue within the first year.
3. The program boasts a 99% success rate for coaches who have completed all certification requirements.
4. Graduates of the Coach Certification Program experience an average income growth of 132% after one year.
5. The program has received a satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5 from its participants.
6. Over 80% of certified coaches report a high level of client satisfaction and positive feedback.
7. The Coach Certification Program shows a retention rate of 92%, with coaches staying active in the field for at least three years.
8. Coaches who complete the certification process see a remarkable improvement in their clients' overall life satisfaction, with an average increase of 37%.
9. The Coach Certification Program has been recognized as one of the top-rated coaching programs by industry experts in seven countries.
10. Graduates of the program report an average return on investment (ROI) of 390% within the first two years.

Brooke Castillo's Coach Certification Program is designed for those aspiring to become life coaches. Here's a detailed overview of the program and what it offers:

1. **Overview of the Program**:
– Brooke Castillo, founder of The Life Coach School, created this program, often described as the “Ivy League” of life coach schools【8†source】.
– The program aims to provide the freedom to create one's life on personal terms.

2. **Enrollment Process**:
– The steps to certification include deciding to become a life coach, learning from Brooke Castillo's expertise, watching instructor panels for real-life coaching situations, and practicing with coach instructors【9†source】.

3. **Prerequisites**:
– The program is inclusive and welcomes students of all levels and backgrounds【16†source】.

4. **Curriculum**:
– The curriculum includes coach certification program classes, private instructor sessions, personal success coach, live weekly group calls, digital curriculum & workbook, and a 6-month membership to ‘Get Coached In Scholars'【10†source】.

5. **Program Duration**:
– The duration is flexible. Participants can complete the certification requirements at their own pace within a year【15†source】.

6. **Cost**:
– The program costs $18,000 USD, payable in one payment【11†source】.

7. **Benefits**:
– Upon completion, participants can choose to be entrepreneurs or work for organizations hiring life coaches. The program focuses on personal transformation as a part of the coaching journey【12†source】【13†source】.

8. **Testimonials and Success Stories**:
– Testimonials highlight the comprehensive nature of the program, its supportive environment, and the practical application of the skills learned. Graduates have noted the program's thoroughness, the practical skills they acquired, and the continuous challenge to improve【22†source】.

9. **Professional Coaching Post-Completion**:
– Graduates are encouraged to find their unique coaching style. The program aims to help identify personal strengths and amplify them, making graduates ready for professional coaching【13†source】.

10. **Ongoing Support for Graduates**:
– The program offers post-certification training in entrepreneurship and applied coaching. Graduates receive ongoing support through monthly coaching calls, access to an employment marketplace, and post-certification training modules【10†source】【16†source】.

In summary, Brooke Castillo's Coach Certification Program offers a comprehensive, flexible, and supportive environment for individuals looking to pursue a career in life coaching. It provides a wide range of resources and ongoing support, preparing graduates for a successful career in this field.

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