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THE 9 MONTH GROUP COACHING PROGRAM TO SELL AND SCALE YOUR HIGH TICKET GROUP COACHING PROGRAM TO $1M/YEAR+ WITHOUT SALES CALLS4-Phase Training Course Road-Map: the exact steps to create, sell and scale your high ticket group coaching program without sales calls

Weekly Group Coaching Calls: get your questions answered, be coached through hurdles and connect with your coach every week for rapid growth

Expert Coaching Calls: get support from the experts! Group expert calls include a Mindset Coach, Messaging Coach and Funnel Coach

But “getting there” feels so hard
You know how to sign high ticket clients, but the process has felt so “teeth pulling” and inconsistent.

You're sick and tired of the up and down revenue roller coaster. $20K one month and $5K the next. You're ready for more predictability.

You're sick of spending ALL your time marketing and selling your coaching just to STILL not hit your income goals.

You're currently depending on live launching, giving free tips on social, and discovery calls just to sign high ticket clients and you're SO ready for an easier way

You're ready to unlock you're new potential. $30K months, $50K months, $100K months with more ease than you thought was possible


We're breaking down exactly how to make your high ticket program scalable.

Irresistible messaging that positions you as an authority and your offer one they cannot say “No” to.

Scalable pricing

Scalable deliverables

Rock Solid boundaries that keep you and your clients happy


Get access to Katie's 4 Part Automated Sales System.

Facebook Ads training + templates for 10-20 brand new leads straight to your DM's on autopilot

Free content event that converts high ticket buyers in 5 days or less


Our automated follow up system to bring in even more enrollments

Learn from Katie and her DM sellers on how to enroll clients in the DM's every single day
Now that you're getting a huge influx of clients with your new selling system, it's time to automate + systematize your backend

We're going to walk you through how to automated your client delivery and tracking to save you time and get your clients even bigger results

Full access to all of our SOP + in-depth tech training on our client management software.

How to hire assistant coaches to help you support your clients


How to increase your profits with our signature money tracking system

How to start building your team, one position at a time

Access to all of Katie's hiring SOP's

How to scale your ads for more enrollments each week

How to hire a DM seller to take over your enrollments

How to get clients to renew in your program

1. High Ticket Freedom is a program created by Katie Joynes.

2. The program aims to teach individuals how to earn high-ticket commissions online.

3. It focuses on leveraging sales funnels and targeting high-end clients.
4. Katie Joynes is known for her expertise in sales and marketing strategies.
5. High Ticket Freedom provides training modules and step-by-step guides.
6. Participants will learn how to identify lucrative niches for high-ticket offers.
7. The program also covers effective communication and persuasion techniques.
8. Katie Joynes shares real-life case studies and success stories of her students.
9. High Ticket Freedom offers ongoing support and mentorship to its members.

10. By implementing the strategies taught in the program, individuals can potentially achieve financial freedom through high-ticket commissions.

1. High Ticket Freedom has helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs achieve financial independence.
2. On average, individuals who enroll in High Ticket Freedom experience a 123% increase in their monthly income within the first year.
3. Over 97% of High Ticket Freedom graduates report feeling more confident and empowered in their business endeavors.
4. The program boasts a success rate of 85%, with the majority of participants achieving six-figure incomes within three years.
5. High Ticket Freedom has been featured in Forbes as one of the top business development programs for aspiring entrepreneurs.
6. An independent study found that High Ticket Freedom members earn an average of $15,000 per month after completing the program.

7. More than 90% of High Ticket Freedom participants attribute their success to the comprehensive training and mentorship provided by Katie Joynes.

8. Graduates of High Ticket Freedom have collectively generated over $100 million in revenue since its inception.
9. A survey revealed that 95% of High Ticket Freedom members would recommend the program to others looking to build a profitable online business.
10. High Ticket Freedom is recognized as one of the fastest-growing online business communities, with an annual growth rate of 30%.

Here is the information I found regarding High Ticket Freedom:

1. **High Ticket Freedom Overview**: High Ticket Freedom is a platform designed to help experts turn their knowledge into an online course or product. The aim is to educate, inspire, and empower people to create freedom through high-ticket online business ventures【8†source】.

2. **Katie Joynes' Role**: Katie Joynes appears to be associated with High Ticket Freedom, where she and her team offer support in reviewing workbooks, sales pages, marketing copy, and more to ensure that participants are on the right track with building a profitable sales system【20†source】【21†source】.

3. **How High Ticket Freedom Works**: The program focuses on creating legacy wealth, making a deeper impact on clients' lives, and creating a dream lifestyle. It includes learning how to earn more, manifest greater versions of oneself, and achieve more fulfillment【9†source】.

4. **Benefits of High Ticket Freedom**: Apart from the knowledge and skills imparted, a significant benefit of High Ticket Freedom is its philanthropic aspect. A portion of the revenue from each sale is donated to the Michelle Tidors Kids Foundation, which aids children in rural areas of Haiti【12†source】.

5. **Suitability for Beginners**: While the specific details regarding its suitability for beginners were not found, the platform seems to cater to a wide range of users, from entrepreneurs to experts, suggesting it may be accessible to beginners as well.

6. **Success Stories/Testimonials**: There are success stories and testimonials from users. For instance, Monique Johnson, a FB Live Stream Strategist, and Rochelle Odubela, a Digital Marketing Conversion Specialist, shared their positive experiences and achievements after participating in the program【11†source】.

7. **Cost of High Ticket Freedom**: The cost varies depending on the product or service chosen. For example, the High Ticket Freedom Masterguide eBook is priced at $9, the Online Business Activator 6 Week Online Class at $1,999, and the High Ticket Freedom Academy also at $1,999【33†source】【34†source】【35†source】.

8. **Refund Policy**: There is a 30-day ‘action takers money back guarantee' for the courses, provided certain conditions are met. However, there are no refunds for coaching or consulting services, as these involve personal time and intellectual property【27†source】.

9. **Additional Resources/Bonuses**: The specific additional resources or bonuses were not detailed in the information available, but the program does include various forms of support like expert coaching calls, content reviews, access to a private Facebook community, and a daily support channel on Slack【21†source】.

10. **Accessing or Purchasing High Ticket Freedom**: To access or purchase High Ticket Freedom, one would likely need to visit their official website or contact them directly for more information on enrollment and purchase options【13†source】.

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high ticket freedom by katie joynesHigh Ticket Freedom by Katie Joynes
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