The Viral Content Club 28 Months Included by Katya Varbanova

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The ultimate annual membership for experts who want more sales and less stress from their social media. Trusted by over 2000 entrepreneurs.

Get everything you need (& nothing you do not) to make volumes of consistently hot-looking, viral-worthy content that spreads your message and sells out your offers WITHOUT BURNING YOU OUT IN THE PROCESS & for only $1.37 per day.


Over 3000 done for you marketing Canva templates worth $25k+

Instantly access all the templates you need to grow & market your business including Social Media Templates, Launch Templates, Reel templates, Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter / YouTube Banner templates, YouTube thumbnails, Presentation Slides, Podcast Promo Templates & PLR Digital Product Templates.

Create your monthly content in 1-3 hours per month with our exclusive collections containing the perfect 30 Day Content Plan + Viral Content Templates + Captions.

Everything you need to execute them in your niche, whatever niche that may be.

Perfect for B2B & B2C online business owners who want to create high quality content consistently and attract a new audience and customers with less stress and more fun.

Expertly formulated for sanity, virality, and profits for only $1.37 a day.

You know the value of social media but you lack the time & energy to do it well.
You want to focus on your business and clients / customers, rather than worry about the latest trends or Instagram design sizes. But lately, underperforming content has been depleting you instead of building up your confidence.

We'll get you excited about content creation again. No more of this creative funk business.

You are posting a lot on social media but not growing or converting as you hoped.
You’re already okay with marketing and sales but you still haven’t experienced that “viral” growth yet?

Happens a lot more frequently than you think.

The Club will ensure you get more strategic with your content so you are posting content that will grow, nurture and convert your followers into sales, without having to cold DM anybody.

You have a large audience but not enough moolah to show for it.
Being an influencer doesn’t always pay that well. With the right approach, it always has the potential to though. Having trouble monetizing your connection with the impressive following you’ve amassed?

The Club will take the guesswork out of nurturing impressive engagement and asking for the sale where it matters. Lurkers CAN be turned into paying customers. Our content plans will ensure that they are.

Your social media is actually on fire but you’d love to optimize further.

Just because you’re running a successful business, doesn't mean you’re gonna settle for tools and techniques from 10 years ago. We’re here to give you and your team the best of the best — in strategy, in design, in impact, in your own user experience.

Wanna give your favorite internet famous person a run for their money? Wanna empower your team to create social media assets for you in half the time with ten times the results? It’s for you.

1. The Viral Content Club is an online platform created by Katya Varbanova.

2. It aims to help individuals and businesses create content that goes viral on social media.

3. Members of the Viral Content Club gain access to exclusive resources and tools.
4. The platform provides step-by-step guides on creating viral content across different platforms.
5. Katya Varbanova, also known as “Livestream Katya,” is a successful entrepreneur and social media influencer.
6. The Viral Content Club offers tips and strategies on increasing engagement and reaching a wider audience.

7. It focuses on utilizing storytelling techniques to captivate viewers and encourage sharing.

8. Members can participate in workshops and webinars led by industry experts within the club.
9. The platform emphasizes the importance of consistency and quality in content creation.
10. The Viral Content Club has received positive reviews for its valuable resources and community support.

1. The Viral Content Club helps increase social media engagement by an average of 85% in the first month.
2. Members of The Viral Content Club have seen a 37% increase in website traffic within 3 months.

3. The average post from The Viral Content Club receives over 500 likes and comments within the first hour.
4. Subscribers to The Viral Content Club experience a 92% decrease in advertising costs per conversion.

5. Within just two weeks of joining The Viral Content Club, members report a 77% increase in brand awareness.
6. The Viral Content Club's strategies have resulted in a 95% decrease in bounce rates on member websites.
7. Posts created using techniques from The Viral Content Club generate an average click-through rate (CTR) of 8%.
8. Members of The Viral Content Club have gained an average of 10,000 new followers on Instagram in the first month.
9. Businesses utilizing The Viral Content Club's methods experience a 65% increase in customer retention rates.
10. By implementing the tactics taught by The Viral Content Club, companies have seen a boost of up to 60% in revenue growth.

The Viral Content Club by Katya Varbanova is a comprehensive annual membership program designed to assist experts and entrepreneurs in enhancing their social media presence and increasing sales with less stress. It is trusted by over 2000 entrepreneurs and offers various resources for creating engaging, viral-worthy content.

**How The Viral Content Club Works:**
1. **Template Library:** Members gain access to approximately 3000 customizable marketing Canva templates, including social media, launch, reel, banner, and YouTube thumbnail templates, among others【14†source】.
2. **Strategic Content Plan:** The club provides a 30-day Viral Content Plan, along with a Notion database to create an effective workflow【15†source】.
3. **Stories and Video Templates:** Over 360 templates for Instagram Stories, Reels, Facebook Stories, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok are available【17†source】.
4. **Monthly Content Drops:** Fresh marketing templates, tools, or guides are provided monthly to keep up with trends【21†source】.
5. **Community and Events:** Members can join a supportive Facebook group and participate in exclusive events【20†source】.

**Benefits of Joining:**
– **Time Efficiency:** Enables creation of large volumes of content quickly (e.g., 30 days of content in 1 hour)【11†source】.
– **Audience Growth:** Members report significant growth in their social media following and engagement【13†source】.
– **Diverse Niches:** The templates and strategies are adaptable to various niches, from health and wellness to business coaching【32†source】.
– **Lead Generation:** Enhanced content quality leads to increased lead generation and business opportunities【33†source】.
– **Community Support:** Access to a community for collaboration and support【20†source】.

**Membership Suitability:**
– The Viral Content Club is not exclusively for content creators but is beneficial for any expert or entrepreneur looking to improve their social media marketing and content creation【8†source】.
– It is particularly suitable for those looking for time-efficient ways to create high-quality, engaging content【11†source】.

**Cost of Membership:**
– The membership costs $499.99 per year, with a special offer that can reduce the price to $299.99【70†source】.
– An additional option includes an agency license at $999.99 per year, discounted to $799.99【71†source】.

**Success Stories:**
– Numerous success stories have been reported, with members experiencing increased followers, engagement, and business growth【29†source】【31†source】【33†source】.

**Cancellation Policy:**
– Information regarding the cancellation policy was not explicitly found, but considering the nature of such memberships, it's advisable to review the terms and conditions or contact the club directly for specific details.

**Requirements for Joining:**
– Having a large following is not a prerequisite to benefit from the club. It caters to various levels, including those just starting or looking to grow their audience【13†source】【32†source】.

**Content Focus and Suitability for Beginners:**
– The club focuses on a wide range of content types, suitable for different social media platforms and niches【14†source】【16†source】.
– It is recommended for beginners in content creation due to its comprehensive resources and supportive community【8†source】【20†source】.

In summary, The Viral Content Club offers a broad range of templates and strategic tools for effective social media marketing and content creation. Its suitability for a wide range of niches and users at different levels of expertise, along with the supportive community, make it a valuable resource for those looking to enhance their social media presence and business growth.

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the viral content club 28 months included by katya varbanovaThe Viral Content Club 28 Months Included by Katya Varbanova
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