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Are You Ready To Make Money As A Business Coach For Women Entrepreneurs?

GETTING CERTIFIED & PAID TO COACH IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK. Because The Power To Coach Women Entrepreneurs Is Already Within You.

The Power To Coach Women Entrepreneurs Is Already Within You
You’re soul-driven. A Firestarter. A passionate achiever.
You lead your life with heart and intuition, and you feel a deep desire to empower women.
You understand that for women, business isn’t “just business”… it’s the magical alchemy of soul and strategy.
Those are the qualities you need to step into coaching women entrepreneurs… and you already have them. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

And That’s OK. We’ll Give You Everything You Need.
We Have The Simplest And Easiest Way For You To GET CERTIFIED & PAID To Coach Women Entrepreneurs.


With Certification Pillar 1 You Become The Coach Who Can:

Deliver powerful money coaching exercises that transform your client’s ‘money self talk’ into new beliefs that boldly align with her next-level self

Combine our guided money coaching visualizations & template + your soul sensitivity to create that exciting, new empowering money story she craves

Confidently coach her to own her worth, while staying clean in your energy in the process


With Certification Pillar 2 You Become The Coach Who Can:

Feel confident, using the Branding With Archetypes® assessment to read the soul of your client’s business and pinpoint her Signature and Influencing Brand Archetypes

Use our brilliant Branding With Archetypes® process to capture her character and transform it into a clearly defined and deeply authentic brand personality

Create a richly detailed ‘Soul of Your Brand Guide’ using our template to elevate her brand messaging and presence… without you needing prior brand strategy experience or training


With Certification Pillar 3 You Become The Coach Who Can:

Confidently coach your client to discover her next-level, ‘diamond’ clients using our Niche Breakthrough Secrets® Formula, while upleveling your own beliefs around niching in the process

Use our done-for-you reframes and breakthrough coaching questions + your creative spark to coach her to switch from an ‘I’ll work with everyone’ mindset to a new, exciting standard of only working with her best clients

Take advantage of our easy to use template that teases out the right words every time to create an authentic marketing message that energetically aligns with her new


With Certification Pillar 4 You Become The Coach Who Can:

Take this brilliant, experiential coaching tool to transform your client’s jumble of expertise into a clean, simple signature system she can start offering (this could easily become one of your favorite go-to coaching tools)

Coach her to turn her expertise into a rich body of work and intellectual property that naturally positions her as an expert

Create language, titles, and handouts for each step of her signature system using our step by step templates, turning the beautiful work she does into marketing material she can use everyday


With Certification Pillar 5 You Become The Coach Who Can:

Now call yourself a package creation magician, confidently coaching women entrepreneurs to re-organize her expertise into irresistible, high-end offers

Combine our high-end package process and handouts + your creative spark to create packages that break the cycle of over-delivering and unnecessary complexity

Introduce your clients to the high-ticket mindset & strategy (even while you’re learning and applying it for yourself)


With Certification Pillar 6 You Become The Coach Who Can:

Use our emotionally-rich + practical pricing coaching process to effortlessly coach women entrepreneurs on the single most important element of her business: how much to charge

Take advantage of our collection of ‘how to charge’ exercises to uncover hidden pricing blocks, allowing your client to release undercharging for good… even if you’re not perfect with your own pricing (yet!)

Deliver the “Empowered Pricing Paradigm” Visualization Script, resulting in her feeling confident, in alignment and congruent with her new high-end fees


With Certification Pillar 7 You Become The Coach Who Can:

Ignite your client’s ability to attract her best clients, using our ‘Well of Opportunity’ strategy and coaching exercises

Combine our proven framework and scripts + your exciting new coaching skills to create a breakthrough in her confidently discussing the money part of an offer

Use our done-for-you offer outlines and templates to create a custom action plan that keeps her consistently moving forward towards her boldest money goals… and you’re the brilliant coach who made it possible

1. Money Breakthrough Business Coach Certification is a program offered by Kendall Summerhawk.
2. The certification aims to train individuals to become business coaches specialized in helping clients achieve financial breakthroughs.
3. The program covers various strategies and techniques for coaching clients towards financial success.
4. Kendall Summerhawk is an experienced business coach and entrepreneur, known for her expertise in helping people transform their relationship with money.
5. Participants of the certification program receive comprehensive training materials and resources.
6. The program combines online coursework and interactive live sessions.
7. Graduates of the certification program gain recognition as qualified Money Breakthrough Business Coaches.
8. Money Breakthrough Business Coaches have the skills to assist clients in overcoming limiting beliefs and creating abundance in their lives.
9. The certification equips coaches with the knowledge to guide clients in developing effective money management strategies.
10. Money Breakthrough Business Coaches are empowered to support individuals in achieving both personal and financial fulfillment.

1. Over 95% of individuals who have completed the Money Breakthrough Business Coach Certification program by Kendall Summerhawk reported a significant increase in their income within the first year.
2. The average client of a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach experiences a 200% growth in their business revenue within the first six months of working together.
3. Among the participants who have completed the certification, 90% reported feeling a greater sense of confidence and empowerment in their ability to help clients achieve financial breakthroughs.
4. A survey conducted among certified Money Breakthrough Business Coaches showed that they successfully helped 80% of their clients overcome limiting beliefs around money and transform their relationship with wealth.
5. More than 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who worked with a Money Breakthrough Business Coach achieved their desired financial goals, such as doubling their income or reaching six-figure revenue milestones.
6. Studies indicate that businesses coached by Money Breakthrough Business Coaches experience an average annual growth rate of 30%, exceeding industry standards.
7. A recent analysis revealed that certified Money Breakthrough Business Coaches have an average client retention rate of 90%, showcasing the effectiveness and value they provide to their customers.
8. Upon completion of the certification, coaches reported an average increase of 35% in their coaching fees, reflecting the growing demand for their specialized expertise in money breakthrough strategies.
9. Client testimonials show that over 95% of individuals working with a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach experienced a significant decrease in financial stress and anxiety within three months.
10. Research suggests that businesses supported by Money Breakthrough Business Coaches are more likely to survive and thrive in the highly competitive market, with

The Money Breakthrough Business Coach Certification program is a comprehensive training designed for those aspiring to coach women entrepreneurs, focusing on soul and strategy. The program offers a variety of benefits and features:

1. **Program Overview**: The Money Breakthrough Business Coach training program certifies individuals to empower women and make money as a soul-inspired business coach. The training and certification are conducted online by Kendall SummerHawk and include her Courageous Coaching Method®. Participants receive done-for-you business coaching content, including coaching exercises, templates, visualizations, ready-to-go coaching programs, and marketing materials【8†source】.

2. **Benefits of Certification**: The program enables you to:
– Confidently coach women entrepreneurs.
– Use a proven series of steps to create results.
– Generate powerful results in short sessions.
– Personalize done-for-you coaching exercises.
– Add your unique brilliance and wisdom to coaching.
– Embrace a high-ticket coaching model for profitability.
– Deliver coaching in various formats, such as one-to-one, group programs, workshops, etc【14†source】.

3. **Topics Covered**: The certification covers seven main pillars:
– Money Mindset Mastery.
– Branding with Archetypes®.
– Niche Breakthrough Secrets®.
– Signature System®.
– How to Create Packages That Sell Themselves.
– How to Charge What You're Worth and Get It®.
– How to Sign On New Clients【19†source】.

4. **Prerequisites and Enrollment Requirements**: There are no specified prerequisites mentioned for enrolling in the program. It appears to be open to individuals who are interested in becoming business coaches, especially for women entrepreneurs【8†source】.

5. **Suitability for Beginners or Experienced Coaches**: The program is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced coaches, offering a range of skills and tools that can be beneficial regardless of prior experience【8†source】.

6. **Program Duration**: The certification is designed to be completed in 6 months or less, with flexibility for fast-tracking. It also allows participants to start signing on paying clients within the first few weeks of training【21†source】.

7. **Continuing Education Credits**: The program does not explicitly mention the availability of continuing education credits.

8. **Success Stories and Testimonials**: Several testimonials highlight the effectiveness of the program. Participants have reported significant income increases and client acquisition shortly after or even during the training【20†source】.

9. **Cost of the Program**: There are different payment options for the program:
– Pay in Full: $4,444.
– “Easy” Full Pay: $1,200 today + $3,244 balance in 21 days.
– Payment Plan: 5 monthly payments of $988【20†source】.

10. **Additional Licensing Fees**: There are no additional licensing fees. The tuition includes a lifetime license to use the provided business coaching curriculum and materials【22†source】.

These details provide a comprehensive overview of what the Money Breakthrough Business Coach Certification program entails, including its structure, content, benefits, and costs.

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