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Wildfire Content + Messaging Portal Bundle

As part of the Bundle you get access to the following:

The Magnetic Messaging Portal Program: 

You will tap into your powerful, soul-resonance messaging that calls in empowered, HELL YES clients who pay you fast.

The Wildfire Content Program: 

This is a 7-module program on how to create content that non-stop attracts dream clients into your inbox and creates a wildfire of sales in your business.

The Bundle is on sale right now – full price: $2,000!

Program details for each below:

Magnetic Messaging Portal
When your messaging speaks directly to your ideal clients, you get paid daily.
People don't actually need a long time to decide to work with you.

They simply need to hear the right things from you to empower them to move.

There are people ready to buy from you right now, but they're not buying because your messaging is not moving them.

When you show up with your powerful, unapologetic message, your ideal clients move.

And they move fast.

When you master the psychology and energetics of communicating powerful, soul-resonance messaging, you always get paid.
Your words carry power.

Your words emit a frequency.

And when you know what to say and how to say it, it draws people in effortlessly and easily.

This program will be a potent portal to upgrade your messaging to speak to the soul of your ideal client and empower them to move.

Inside the Portal you will:

Uncover your most authentic, deep message that moves people to buy

Build out your Magnetic Ideal Client Profile so everytime you create an offer you know *exactly* what you need to speak to so your dream client buys instantly

Know how to use messaging that calls in the most empowered, HELL YES clients who desire to move FAST

Understand how to communicate the VALUE of your offer and transformation to your ideal client (even if it's “non-tangible”) so you can easily sell offers at any price point – $2k, $5k, $10k, $50k…
Learn to speak from POWER, so you can start attracting clients who do the work, take responsibility and invest from “desire”, not “needy” energy.

Become a MF leader and start to unapologetically speak your truth and unleash your authentic voice that calls in your soul resonance clients

>> Click here for the MMP Only checkout page.

Wildfire Content
Are you ready to create content that non-stop attracts dream clients to your DMs and gets you paid every day?
Let’s start with this truth: Your content should be bringing in non-stop daily enquiries and sales into your business…not a trickle, but a flood.

If it’s not, it’s because your content and messaging are not doing their job (yet).

But we're about to change that.

You know your business is meant to be a wildfire – celebrating massive milestone months, hundreds of people in your programs, signing clients at any price point you desire – $2k, $5k, $10k, 50k…and making a massive wave of impact with your work.

But right now it feels more like a tiny spark.

You’re posting, creating and filming – reels, carousels, tiktoks, posts…and it’s kinda working… but your DMs are not blowing up and the sales are not flooding in like you want them to.

This is because right now your content is a flickering flame…

It attracts some people into your world, but DMs from dream clients asking how they can pay you are rarer than you’d like…
It brings in some enquiries into your inbox, but too many end up ghosting or saying it’s not in their budget right now…
It creates a trickle of sales when you announce something, but they quickly fizzle out in a few days or when you increase the price…
You end up signing a few clients, but they end up being extremely needy and draining your energy…
You create a few posts while you’re in a creative surge, but then you can’t seem to think of anything to say and end up not posting for days on end

The good news >> All takes is just a few tweaks and changes to your content and messaging for your audience to go from a flickering flame to a wildfire. And I can teach you exactly what they are.
When you know the exact things your dream client needs to hear every day in order to buy and you know the exact levers to pull in your content to create sales, posting content and signing dream clients non-stop becomes effortless.

You’ll spend 30 mins – 1 hour a day on your content and it’ll bring in a flood of DM enquiries and generate you thousands in sales.

Imagine this…

Tomorrow you wake up and you open your phone to 10 DMs from dream clients asking how they can sign up – no objections, no hesitations.
You’re taking your kids to school and your phone non-stop pings with messages from people asking for the link to join your program.
You are in line waiting to grab your morning coffee and you’re scrolling email notifications of all the people who signed up for your offer overnight while you slept.
You are in the middle of your pilates class and your notifications are lighting up with payments from people buying your stuff who have never even spoken to you before.
Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

It does because it’s meant to be your everyday reality.

And the portal to that reality is your CONTENT.
It’s the secret to full DMs of enquiries, people buying from you every day, not dealing with objections, and being able to drop offers and have an influx of sales immediately.

This is what you’ll learn to create inside Wildfire Content
Here's what's inside:



You're not just going to create any cute, inspirational tick-the-box content. BoRiNg! Blah! No mam'. I'm teaching you how to create unique, powerful, unfiltered content that gets heads turning like a magnet. I'm going to help you anchor into a deep sense of personal power that radiates through your content, exudes leader energy and gets your dream clients being like “Who is SHE!? *Immediately obsessed*. You'll shed every layer holding your true voice back and unleash your own unique, unfiltered voice in every piece of content.


You're going to learn how to speak *directly* to your dream client and understand the *exact* things they need to hear to pull the trigger to buy from you.

You will start building your content storefront so it reflects a magnetic, powerful brand that commands attention, is instantly recognized, and builds a loyal audience of ready-to-buy dream clients.

And I'm going to teach you how to write scroll-stopping hooks + copy that get your content pushed out to dream clients, get them hooked on your words and send them straight into your DMs.


You’re about to go from having an audience of lurkers that feels like a flickering flame to an audience of hot buyers that feels like a wildfire. We're going to dive deep into how to create content that attracts daily DMs from empowered clients and builds a movement in your industry using three my signature content types – Activation, Value and Leadership. Plus you'll away with my Content Playbook & 50+ specific, spicy content starters for immediate implementation.

What’s included?

✔️ 7 Modules to master the art of selling through content

✔️ Exclusive access to previous Q+As for insights into burning questions

✔️ Lifetime access, including future live rounds

✔️ Private Facebook Group for community connection and support

✔️ Bonus: Live Content Party – Come ready to party and create 30+ pieces of content live together with me & get direct feedback and content suggestions! [April 11 – 9am AWST]. Replay available.
✔️ BONUS NEW LESSONS: 3 NEW LESSONS are being added on creating hooks and caption frameworks that convert for posts, carousels and reels & what's working on reels and TikTok right now in 2024.

Ready to get started and ignite the wildfire in your sales? I'll see you inside.



wildfire content bundle by milana sarenac
wildfire content bundle by milana sarenac
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wildfire content bundle by milana sarenacWildfire Content Bundle by Milana Sarenac
Original price was: $ 2.000.Current price is: $ 119.