The Journey by Celinne Da Costa

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The Ruler of the Underworld

Learn the Persephone codes that will equip you to not only see, but to thrive in the dark.

These are the Ninja skills that you need to safely traverse the unseen realms of your subconscious and transmute darkness into light.

In the Subconscious path, you will learn how to navigate the inner workings of your subconscious mind, how to find and integrate your unconscious shadows, and bring more awareness into your daily life so that you can mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically free yourself from being in a survival state and instead reclaim your existence as the Creator of the life you desire.


The Magician

As you empower yourself to better understand and navigate the landscape of your inner story, you’ll wield the Magician's power of becoming the Creator of your reality.

In Storytelling, you’ll learn the art and science of storytelling, how to skillfully craft stories that change your life and the lives of others, how to create a premium brand that’s authoritative, authentic, and respected in the market, and how to not only tell – but become – the greatest story you’ve ever told (online and offline).


The Warrior

Build the strategic scaffolding of your brand and business vessel, so that you have a robust vehicle to hold what wants to be creatively birthed through you.

Once you’ve made your way through the Strategy path, your Money, Abundance and Business wisdom will come alive.

In this pathway, you will learn the trialed-and-tested strategies from me and as well as other experts on how to create more financial prosperity, systemize your business, craft Soul-aligned offerings, and grow your income, influence, and impact in a way that is sustainable, authentic, and nourishing to your Soul.


The Lover

All is relationship. What you seek is inevitably seeking you – this is your Journey into the deepest levels of embodying your incarnation here on Earth – a grounded being with roots deep into our earth mother Gaia, with branches that stretch towards the center of the Galaxy.

In Soul, you’ll remember how to tap into your inner mystic and create a deep, lasting connection with your Soul and listen to your inner voice. You’ll open up a direct line of communication with your highest Self, so that you can navigate your important decisions from your inner Knowing rather than defaulting to your external environment.

When you take each step in alignment to Soul, you’ll inevitably end up exactly where you’re meant to be… which is more grandiose and spectacular than your mind could ever fathom!

Master Your Story

A transformational life-by-design program created to help you not only tell but become the greatest story you’ve ever told. Learn how to heal your old disempowering stories and reprogram your mind for success on a subconscious level, my proven neuro-science-based method for uncovering your deeper purpose and values, and expert strategies to create a premium, world-class brand that’s unapologetically you from the inside out.

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Celinne 257

School of Story

A digital storytelling toolkit and experience designed to help you unapologetically craft an irresistible story that unlocks your purpose, deeply connects with your audience, skyrockets your business, and in turn, creates a world-changing impact.

(Value $888)


Storytelling For Launches

Learn how to make storytelling an easy and profitable process to weave into your work, including my secrets to writing webinars, challenges, pre-launch, and launch emails that resulted in multiple $50K+ launches.

(Value $997)


The Life Design Mindset

Design the life you truly want. Through a unique and exciting blend of mindset techniques and proven principles, I’ll show you how to get crystal clear clarity on what it is that your heart wants and needs, the process of turning an abstract dream into an actionable step-by-step plan, how to release any fear and excuse getting in your way, and instead take action so you can turn any dream into your beautiful new reality!

(Value $697)

Celinne 109

Tell Your Brand Story

I’ll guide you through my proprietary process (and secret sauce!) to creating a ready-to-market personal brand story that will skyrocket your impact, influence, and income – even if you don’t feel confident or haven’t shared much of your story before. Simply put: you’ll go from not being sure what your brand story is to crafting a powerful, impactful brand story you can share with the world.

(Value: $1,997)


Unlock Your Story Magic

In this 3-day mini-course, you’ll discover your “X factor” and the message you’re meant to share with the world – even if you don’t think you have one – and use it to stand out in your space, attract major media attention, and grow your community of superfans.

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the journey by celinne da costaThe Journey by Celinne Da Costa
Original price was: $ 4.444.Current price is: $ 89.