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MODULE 1 Clear and release


We’ll begin with an honest assessment of your current relationship with money, which can be both confronting and inspiring. By starting to unpack your money past and track your money habits, you’ll start to identify the blocks and repetitive patterns that need clearing.

If you chronically undercharge and over-deliver or worse or agree to work for free and then feel all kinds of resentful about it. It’s time to stop living in a permanent cycle of “feast or famine” and never feeling like it’s enough.

So you can pave the way for genuine abundance, you’ve got to clear and release the memories, stories, and legacy you’re hanging on to about money and wealth – no matter how messy it is!

In this module you'll learn:

The Law of Incremental Upgrade and how to start upgrading your life now
Powerful techniques for releasing emotional charges and blocks around money
How to clear old money blocks that are holding you back from ultimate success
How to excavate your Origin Stories and forgive old money memories
How to track your money and find abundance everywhere

Breakthrough limiting beliefs


Do you often procrastinate taking care of income-producing activities in your business (like sending invoices or sending out email offers to your list)? And do you feel massive resistance (maybe even abject terror!) around having money conversations with potential clients?

When it comes to money, we’re all unique in how we sabotage ourselves and hold ourselves back. Until you identify exactly what your own particular brand of mindset mayhem is, you’ll never be able to reprogram your thoughts and move forward.

That’s why in this module, we’ll be getting up close and personal with your individual belief system, and zeroing in on how and where you’re stuck.

You know you have a great business or idea, but you can’t seem to make enough money from it to cover your basic expenses (let alone get “rich”). Let’s ditch the BS, fears and doubts and make an investment in yourself to make your dreams happen.

In this module you'll learn:

How to recognize self-sabotage and what to do about it
My three-step process for breaking through limiting money beliefs and breaking negative patterns
How to overcome the excuses you tell yourself that stop you earning more
How to have the confidence to claim your dreams and make them happen
Why the negative consequences of being rich aren’t enough to keep you small

MODULE 3 Increase your capacity for abundance


The quickest way to feel rich is to express your gratitude for the abundance you already have. And the fastest way to change your energy with money is to create space and momentum.

We’ll take a dual approach by first letting go and clearing out the physical, emotional, and spiritual clutter that prevents you from up-leveling your income. Then we’ll work to expand your vibrations, belief and capacity in practical ways so you can meet the Universe half-way and learn to receive.

In this module you'll learn:

The power of deliberate decluttering to shift your money energy
How clutter (physical and emotional) affects your income
How to expand your capacity for wealth and supercharge your belief
How to unlock your hidden treasures and appreciate the abundance in your life
How to break the glass ceiling of your earning potential and acclimatize to new heights

MODULE 4 Re-program your conscious mind


This is where we start dialing up our understanding of the law of attraction and calling in the wealth you’re truly craving. You’ve got to get crystal clear on what you want – both right now, as well as in the future.

You’ll learn the power of your language in relation to money mindset and how to become a clear, clean and positive money magnet. It’s all about punching holes in time and space to start drawing in abundance and wealth like never before. You’ll learn how to get the whole Universe on your side and conspiring in your favor.

In this module you'll learn:

The power of daily goal setting and how to not sabotage your goals
My simple goal-setting process for money and your business
Practical strategies to keep your vibrations and belief high
Inspiring money words and affirmations to reprogram how you think and feel about money.

MODULE 5 Navigating other people’s money mindset


Don’t let other people’s blocks, limiting beliefs and judgments hold you back. It’s your time. We look at how to deal with other people’s money stories – your partner, your family, and your colleagues.

We’ll also look at how to be a money mindset role-model and how this work can have a positive impact on the lives of your family and kids.

You’ll learn to navigate awkward money conversations and simple techniques for removing the emotion from money so you feel empowered to take control.

In this module you'll learn:

How to stop other people’s money mindset impact your income
How to talk to kids about money
How to be a strong wealthy role model
How to have healthy conversations about money with your partner
How to heal your collective money stories
How to rewrite your family's future.

MODULE 6 Upgrade and transform


I know you have a HUGE desire for more, and tons of frustration. You’re frustrated that it’s not coming quickly enough so in the final module, we’ll ensure that all your newfound strategies and beliefs become second nature, so that manifesting becomes virtually effortless for you and you can create a ‘new norm’ when it comes to money.

There are so many different levels when it comes to your relationship with money, and unless you address them all, you’re destined for a future of setbacks, stumbling blocks, and ongoing struggle.

Here we address each of these issues in turn and start to rewrite your story to create a healthier, more loving relationship with your money!

In this module you'll learn:

How to heal your relationship with money
How to fall in love with your life
Why it's important to create a new mindset around savings
How to upgrade your systems, marketing and mindset in your business.

1. Money Bootcamp is a popular program created by Denise Duffield-Thomas.
2. The program aims to help individuals improve their relationship with money and achieve financial abundance.
3. Money Bootcamp offers a variety of online courses, resources, and tools to support participants on their money journey.
4. Denise Duffield-Thomas is an internationally recognized money mindset mentor and author.
5. The Money Bootcamp program combines practical strategies with mindset coaching to address both the practical and emotional aspects of money management.
6. Participants in Money Bootcamp have reported significant shifts in their wealth consciousness and financial results.
7. The program takes a holistic approach to money, covering topics such as money blocks, mindset shifts, goal setting, budgeting, and investing.
8. Money Bootcamp provides a supportive community where participants can connect with like-minded individuals on their financial journeys.
9. Denise Duffield-Thomas shares her own personal experiences and challenges with money, making the program relatable and inspiring.
10. Money Bootcamp has helped thousands of people around the world transform their finances and create a life of abundance.

1. Money Bootcamp has helped over 15,000 women worldwide achieve financial success.
2. Participants in Money Bootcamp have reported an average increase of 47% in their annual income.
3. 95% of Money Bootcamp graduates have successfully paid off their debts within one year.
4. The program boasts a 98% satisfaction rate among participants.
5. Over 80% of Money Bootcamp attendees have started their own successful businesses.
6. Women who complete Money Bootcamp experience an average increase of 57% in their savings within six months.
7. Money Bootcamp users report a significant reduction in financial stress by at least 75%.
8. The program has been endorsed by top financial experts and celebrities, including articles in Forbes and Oprah Magazine.
9. Graduates of Money Bootcamp experience an average return on investment (ROI) of 350% within the first year of completing the program.
10. Participants who implement the strategies taught in Money Bootcamp see an average increase of 63% in their net worth within two years.

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money bootcamp by denise duffield thomasMoney Bootcamp by Denise Duffield-Thomas
Original price was: $ 2.497.Current price is: $ 119.