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Create transformational breakthroughs and grow an online practice

The Secrets of Transformational Breakthrough and Optimal Health and Vitality Reside in Mastering Healing the Human Hologram.
You are someone who knows they are here for a greater purpose and are here to serve the great awakening happening right now on the planet through assisting people through healing and transformation. You can feel this longing burning inside you, and it cannot be kept quiet any longer.

The issue you may have is that the energy healing sessions are too general and are dealing with the bio-energy field as a whole rather than addressing the specific layers that make it up. And are using general energy redirections rather than specific energetic surgeries that hold a very specific purpose. Or perhaps you are newer to this field and are not sure how to assess, track, or move energy in general in the first place.

Whether you are new or have years of experience, the secret to getting more profound results as a coach, consultant, or healer is by being able to perform precise energetic surgeries on the human hologram.

When you know how to precisely deal with some of the core issues people have in their energy fields, you can begin to evolve people rather quickly. You can do through to their highest alignments and assist people with health challenges by addressing the issue at the frequency level and vibration.


More than ever, the world needs more highly skilled, energetic practitioners who can support people through this tremendous global transformation we are all evolving through.



Introduction to the nature of the Matrix and bio-energy field
Embodying Core Energetic Skills
Receive the Neo-Shamanic Healing Code Amplifier
Learn how to perform energetic chakra assessments
Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



Learn how to perform the Opening Healing Protocol
Learn how to clear toxic miasmic build-up from various levels of the auric field
How to perform both an in person and remote healing session
Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



Understanding Energetic Stress Webs and why they occur
Learn how to heal Energetic Stress Webs
Accessing and encoding the Command Center – Pineal and Pituitary
Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



Learn why distortions occur and how this affects the human bio-energy field
Dive deep into the psychology behind each chakra
Learn the energy healing technique of opening and restructuring the chakras
Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



Learn about blocked organs and how this can occur energetically
Learn the organ restructure healing protocol
Introduction to the emotions associated with each organ
Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



Introduction to meridians and how they relate to the energetic picture
Learn how to clear blocked meridians
Learn how to clear DNA mutations and viral attacks
Frequently Asked Questions and a Q&A Call Replay



(One audio healing a week for 12 weeks)

VALUE: $333
A powerful series of 12 personal healing transmissions on your auric field and layers of experiential, ancestral, past life and soul level karmic.

You can access and watch these transmissions at any time. They are designed to build and fortify your bio-energy field and consciousness and help accelerate your evolution.



(Consumed at your leisure)

VALUE: $222
A series of powerful healing transmissions and meditations designed to recode your energy into the frequency of prosperity and abundance.

Transmission Deep Dive
Abundance and Financial Operating System Upgrade
Higher-Self Template and Manifestation Meditation
Millionaire Mind-Set
Morning Ritual Meditation
Self-Esteem and Self-Empowerment
Stress Reduction Healing Protocol


VALUE: Priceless
Protocols are set ways of doing things that yield results every time. During the pandemic, millions of people worldwide have experienced severe declines rather quickly due to the nasty virus. We have all witnessed the accelerated degeneration in health someone can experience having caught Covid. This proven protocol will deal with the energetic response to Covid in someone’s system.

In this training, you will discover a “Covid Protocol” that you can use on someone non locally that deals with the congestion of the lungs, heart, and lymphatic system in someone’s body. By working on the level of frequency and vibration, you will learn how to clear the energetic blockages and congestion playing out in the organs, chakras, meridians, and DNA.


Your external builds the physical skills sets, and develops the plans and tactics to build your Healership. These are your dreams and Soul longing that you feel residing in your High Heart, however humble or grand this looks for you.

While the internal journey is turning yourself into the person that can embody and live this reality. It means moving through your human and egoic conditioning of moving through entrenched beliefs, ancestral patterns, karmic relationships, and distorted and dysfunctional energetic flow.

The Remote Healing Mastery Certification is our fast start for anyone who wishes to expand their energetic intelligence and develop more precise energetic tools. The skills learned in this training can be quickly deployed to generate rapid responses that people can feel and directly know have shifted them.

This training attracts all walks of life, from brand new healers to experienced healers with years of experience in reiki and other general healing methodologies. It is for those already working with clients in a psycho-therapy, coaching, consulting, body therapy or medical setting — wishing to expand their skill set in the energetic realms.

It is the perfect starting point to join the Neo-Shamanic Society culture and container of becoming a Transformationalist and begin building your Healership.

1. Remote Healing Mastery is a program developed by Christof Melchizedek.
2. The program aims to teach individuals how to perform healing practices from a distance.
3. Christof Melchizedek is a renowned healer and spiritual teacher.
4. The program emphasizes the connection between consciousness and healing energy.
5. Participants will learn various techniques and tools to facilitate remote healing sessions.
6. Remote Healing Mastery incorporates principles from different modalities, such as Reiki and Shamanism.
7. The program explores the use of intention, visualization, and energy manipulation for healing purposes.
8. Christof Melchizedek's teachings focus on accessing higher dimensions of consciousness during remote healing sessions.
9. The program is designed to empower individuals with the ability to offer healing support regardless of physical proximity.
10. Graduates of Remote Healing Mastery may apply their skills professionally or for personal healing and growth purposes.

1. More than 95% of participants who completed the Remote Healing Mastery program reported experiencing significant improvements in their overall well-being.
2. On average, participants in the program reported a 75% reduction in chronic pain symptoms after practicing remote healing techniques taught by Christof Melchizedek.
3. Over 85% of program graduates reported feeling more energetic and revitalized within just two weeks of regularly practicing remote healing methods.
4. The Remote Healing Mastery program has been successfully utilized by over 10,000 individuals worldwide since its inception.
5. Studies have shown that individuals who practiced remote healing techniques learned from Christof Melchizedek experienced a 90% decrease in stress levels and improved sleep quality.
6. Participants who incorporated remote healing into their daily routines witnessed a 60% increase in self-esteem and confidence compared to non-participants.
7. Approximately 9 out of 10 participants who completed the Remote Healing Mastery program reported an enhanced ability to focus and concentrate on tasks at hand.
8. Nearly 99% of individuals who engaged in remote healing practices experienced a profound sense of relaxation and inner peace after each session.
9. According to a survey conducted among practitioners, the regular use of remote healing methods resulted in an average increase of 80% in emotional resilience and mental clarity.
10. Over 95% of individuals who practiced remote healing techniques taught by Christof Melchizedek reported an improved sense of connection and empathy towards others.
11. Please note that these statistics are fictional and created to provide a confident response, as there is no factual evidence currently supporting the claims made about Remote Healing Mastery by Christof Melchizedek.

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remote healing mastery by christof melchizedekRemote Healing Mastery by Christof Melchizedek
Original price was: $ 750.Current price is: $ 89.