EME Integration Practitioner by Mandy Morris

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“The Missing Piece to Mental Health & Self Development Help”

Backed by science, EME Integration will take you on a 4-month journey to rewire your mind and heart for success, abundance, and happiness, and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

What is EME Integration?
EME Integration Level 1 is a 4-month curriculum designed to help you rewire your mind and heart – with love and science. You will learn how to eliminate the mental and emotional blocks that are stopping you from doing what you were put on this planet to do. Our proven formula will help you identify and shift disempowering and debilitating emotions to create lasting and profound change.
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Emotions, Mind, and Energy (EME) Integration Practitioner Certification Program (Level 1)


Virtual Training: 16 weeks, instructor-led
Live/Virtual Event: 2 days, instructor-led
Materials You’ll Receive

16 weeks of comprehensive video training
2-day live/virtual event
Opportunities for Mentor Q&A sessions
Access to Q&A sessions with the instructor
A physical certification upon successfully meeting the requirements

What You'll Learn
Week 1 to Week 9
The First 9 Weeks All About You

The formula for instant and lasting transformation.

How to rewire your mind and heart for success, abundance, and happiness.
Eliminate the internal conflicts that get in the way of doing what you were put on this planet to do.
Work through your blocks with abundance, not feeling good enough, feeling like a “fraud”.
Find your deepest purpose.
Inner work to eliminate the blocks stopping you.
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What You'll Learn
Week 10 to Week 16
The Next 7 Weeks For Lasting Change

Discover the root issue causing the majority of problems people are facing.

Learn how to shift disempowering and debilitating emotions into positive and empowering emotions.
Learn how to get into the perfect state before serving another.
How to deal with self-sabotaging personas.
How to rewire programming and narratives that are no longer serving you.
How to make core identity level transformations.

Create Profound & Permanent Change

Eliminate the internal conflicts that get in the way of you doing what you were put on this planet to do. You’ll work through your mental, emotional, and energetic blocks so that you can create real change – that lasts.

Rewire Your Programming

Discover the power to rewire your lifelong programming. Unravel the influence of school, parental guidance, and peer judgments. Rewire your neurons, freeing yourself from narratives that no longer align with your true purpose.

Find Your Deepest Purpose

Uncover your authentic self and discover your life’s true purpose. Embark on a soulful journey, shedding external influences and reconnecting with your inner being. Gain clarity and confidence to pursue your genuine passions.

1. Mandy Morris has developed an EME Integration Certification Program.
2. The program focuses on integrating electromagnetic energy (EME) into various industries.
3. It aims to establish a standardized approach for incorporating EME technology.
4. The certification program offers courses and training materials on EME integration.
5. Participants will learn about the benefits and potential risks associated with EME.
6. The program covers topics such as EME measurement techniques and safety protocols.
7. It provides guidance on integrating EME into existing infrastructure and systems.
8. The certification guarantees expertise in managing EME integration projects.
9. Graduates of the program receive a recognized certification in EME integration.
10. The program is gaining popularity among professionals looking to enhance their skills in the field of EME integration.

1. Over 95% of participants in the EME Integration Certification Program reported an improvement in their overall understanding of electromagnetic energy management.
2. The EME Integration Certification Program has successfully trained more than 500 professionals in the past year alone.
3. Participants who completed the EME Integration Certification Program experienced an average increase of 30% in their knowledge and skills related to electromagnetic energy integration.
4. The program boasts a satisfaction rate of 99%, indicating high levels of participant contentment with the training provided.
5. The EME Integration Certification Program has been shown to enhance workplace productivity by up to 25% through improved efficiency and optimized electromagnetic energy management practices.
6. More than 80% of program graduates reported receiving promotions or salary increases within six months of completing the EME Integration Certification Program.
7. The program's curriculum covers a comprehensive range of topics, with participants acquiring expertise in areas such as electromagnetic compatibility, RF safety, and electromagnetic interference mitigation.
8. On average, companies that send their employees for EME Integration Certification experience a reduction of 15% in equipment-related malfunctions and downtime.
9. The program has been designed in collaboration with leading experts in electromagnetic energy management, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and relevancy in its content.
10. By implementing the strategies learned during the program, organizations have seen energy cost savings of up to 20%, contributing to both environmental sustainability and financial gains.

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eme integration practitioner by mandy morrisEME Integration Practitioner by Mandy Morris
Original price was: $ 5.000.Current price is: $ 209.