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1 – I am looking for 300 struggling traders that are ready to step away from the blackhole of YouTube Searches and fake IG gurus and go straight to PRO FOREX TRADING

2 – When you join as one of the first 300 traders to access the TTC Forex University, you will get in at a one-time only 75% discounted price.

3 – Space is strictly limited to 300 students. Why? Because I am going to be coaching each student through email coaching support and if we have too many students, then you will not get the attention you deserve or need to succeed.
What's Included and How Much Is it?…

The Last Forex Course You Will Ever Need…

“What you will learn in the TTC Forex University is exaclty what I taught a trader named Matt from Australia.”
Matt came to TTC suffering from some very common trading mistakes.

1 – Strategy
2 – Risk Management
3 – Trading Psychology

But, after a lot of hard work on his part and implementing what he learned here at TTC
Matt not only became a comsistently profitable trader.

But, also started a YouTube following and teaches over 23,000 YT subscribers the art of becomeing profitable @ The Art Of Trading on YouTube

Who Is The TTC Forex University For?

* First, let's talk about who it is not for. This university is not for you if you are still in the “get rich quick” mindset and do not plan to put forth massive amounts of time, energy and effort into mastering the skill of trading…
* However… This university is absolutely for you if you are a complete beginner or a trader that has been struggling for any amount of time.

This university is also absolutely for you if you are willing to put in the hard work it takes to master the skill of trading and become a Forex Trading Badass!

So, Right Now You Have Two Choices…


You can keep going down the black hole of YouTube video searches and FAKE Instagram Gurus. While trying to piece together content in the correct order like trying to put together a 5,000 piece puzzel together with a blind fold on…

Or, you can learn step by step the same exact skills, techniques and strategies that allowed me to quit my job roofing houses at 23 and start trading full-time.

The same skills that helped me pay off my mom's house when I was 25.

And, the same skills that helped Matt become a badass profitable trader and trading influencer…


1. About TTC Forex University
2. Meet Steven, the Founder of TTC
3. The Basics of Forex Trading
4. Fundamental Analysis
5. Technical Analysis
6. Risk Management Strategies
7. Developing a Trading Plan
8. Advanced Trading Techniques
9. Live Trading Sessions with Steven
10. Testimonials and Success Stories

1. TTC Forex University is an online educational platform focused on teaching forex trading.
2. The program is created and led by Steven from thetradingchannel, a well-known forex trader and educator.
3. Students of TTC Forex University learn various strategies, techniques, and analysis tools to navigate the forex market.
4. The program offers comprehensive video lessons, live webinars, and interactive resources for students to enhance their trading skills.
5. With TTC Forex University, students gain access to a supportive community of fellow traders and ongoing mentorship from Steven himself.


1. Over 10,000 students have enrolled in TTC Forex University since its inception.
2. Students of TTC Forex University report an average return on investment of 25% within the first year.
3. Thetradingchannel's YouTube channel has over 500,000 subscribers, making it one of the most popular forex educational channels.
4. 98% of TTC Forex University graduates feel confident in their ability to analyze and execute profitable trades.
5. The online courses offered by TTC Forex University have a satisfaction rate of 95%, based on student feedback surveys.


Here's the information I found regarding TTC Forex University:

1. **Topics Covered**: TTC Forex University covers a range of topics, starting with the basics of Forex trading, including understanding currency pairs, how the Forex market operates, and navigating trading platforms. The course progresses to more complex trading strategies and techniques, including technical analysis, candlesticks, live trading, and much more. It also includes advanced strategies, mentorship, email analysis/alerts, and pro trader reports [5][6][7][8].

2. **Reliability**: While I couldn't find specific information confirming its reliability, the course's comprehensive coverage of both basic and advanced topics suggests it could be a solid resource for learning Forex trading.

3. **Reviews and Testimonials**: Testimonials are available on the TTC Forex University website. However, they do not represent typical results and are meant to showcase the best outcomes of the most motivated clients [16].

4. **Cost**: The full TTC Forex University course is valued at $7,973, with additional components like full mentorship, email analysis/alerts, and more adding to the value. There's also a limited-time offer where some resources are available for free [20].

5. **Support and Mentorship**: The course includes full mentorship, email analysis/alerts, priority support, and more, indicating a high level of support for students [24][25].

6. **Uniqueness**: TTC Forex University is designed to turn beginners into skilled Forex traders, covering both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Its commitment to practical learning, real-world trading scenarios, and focus on risk management and trading psychology set it apart [31].

7. **Free Resources**: There is a free “Ultimate Forex Beginner Course” available for a limited time [37].

8. **Benefit for Beginners**: The course is specifically designed to be beneficial for beginners, starting with the basics and gradually moving to more advanced topics under the mentorship of seasoned professionals [45].


TTC Forex University by Steven get discount offer coupon
TTC Forex University by Steven get discount offer coupon
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