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So the core training of YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels falls into 3 parts:

Part I: Creative

This is where most people’s YouTube scaling dreams fall flat. The creative is the electricity powering the sales factory we’re creating here.

And if you slack on this part, then you’ve got an abandoned factory. Maybe once in a while, a sale will come out… but it definitely won’t make up for the ad spend bill.

So I’m going to walk you through our process to consistently create high converting YouTube ad creatives.

Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover:
The most common downfall for YouTube ad scripts is market awareness incongruence. If your script is in the wrong awareness, it forces your prospect to skip your ad. So discover the 5 stages of market awareness and where your script falls into so you can win your prospect’s attention and business.
Are you ending your YouTube ads incorrectly? Here’s how to add an extra 30 seconds to your ads (no talking needed) and skyrocket your conversion rate.
My team and I have studied thousands of successful YouTube ads and we’ve uncovered “YouTube hook gold”. You’ll discover the 10 most successful YouTube ad hooks so you can command the attention of your prospect. My agency’s favorite hook is the “Open Loop”.
Can you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Then you can use our process to develop strong ad creatives. Each creative can be divided into 4 distinct parts. You don’t need to do anything fancy to start, just follow these 4 parts and you’ll end up with a strong creative. (If you’re wondering what the 4th part to a good PB&J is… it’s to toast the bread! Gamechanger.)
Are you making this simple mistake while writing ad scripts? Instead of trying to sell in each line, do this instead (This is how you get someone to watch an ad until the call-to-action)
In marketing, we stand on the shoulders of giants before us. Get my Ad Formula Cheat Sheet I’ve created from studying legends like Dan Kennedy, Victor Schwab, Gary Halbert, and Frank Kern. This is the sheet my team fills out with every new YouTube campaign.

Part II: Scaling

This is where the magic happens. The heart of the RFA Method beats here.

Now that you’ve got some strong ad creatives, here’s where we’ll turn those creatives into sales reps for your business. Plus, we’re only going to put them in front of highly targeted prospects.

RFA stands for Ready, Fire, Aim. And this is exactly how we’re going to create scalable YouTube campaigns at record speed.

Here are a few nuggets you’ll discover from this part of the training:
Why we start each campaign at such a low budget, and why this is the fastest way to uncover profitable YouTube ad campaigns. (Your morning coffee may cost more)
The exact scaling progression I’ve used to scale accounts from a standing start to over $1000/day in profitable ad spend…in less than 30 days.
How to target your prospects in their exact time of need, when they'll be most receptive to your offer. There's more than one way to do this, and if you're only using one or two methods you're leaving money on the table.
Stuck on keywords? No problem. Use this feature of Google to find a list of profitable search terms your prospects are Googling right now.

Part III: The Walkthrough

Welcome to the last part of the training. You’ve got some killer creatives. You know how we’re going to methodically approach our campaigns. Now this is where the rubber meets the road.

Here’s where I’ll walk you through Google Ads on how to set up your campaign from scratch.

Pro tip: It’s extremely helpful if you create a mock campaign while following along. Just so you have all the settings and whatnot.

So here’s a preview of what to expect in this part of the training:
Why you should avoid Google’s “warnings”. These warnings are created for one reason only and we’re not going to fall for it. I’ve gotten way better results by ignoring these specific warnings.
You’re going to see some outrageous impression estimates (in the billions). I’ll show you what range your impression count should fall under. If it’s too high, your ad will get completely diluted with low quality traffic.
My agency’s process for winning back suspended Google accounts. We have a 100% win rate like Floyd Mayweather with Google Support.
There’s a signal you should look for when starting your campaigns. This signal tells you that a campaign probably isn’t going to get a lot of traffic. We’ll show you what to do when this happens.
The counterintuitive method we use to decrease cost-per-lead while a campaign is scaling. (It’s like negotiating for a better price with more volume.)
And Of Course, Here Are The Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Google Retargeting Mastery ($997 Value)

In this 4-part module, you’ll learn the 4 types of retargeting campaigns my agency uses to turn stragglers and prospects on the fence – into customers and clients.

These are advanced-level strategies, so make sure you go through the core training first!

Here are a few things you’ll pick up during this module:
Like baking a cake, retargeting requires the right mix of content. There are 2 main pieces of content you need for retargeting campaigns. If you use one without the other, it’s like baking a sugar-free cake (with no artificial sweeteners). And like your cake, your retargeting campaign won’t be getting any repeat interactions.
How to structure your retargeting campaigns like Google Maps directions for maximum sales. If your prospect has already been through one step, we’re not going to bring them back to the original spot like an outdated GPS. We’re going to show them the next step in their journey, guiding them closer to the sale.
Haters and trolls will decrease the performance of one type of retargeting ad (really annoying when the ad starts off profitable). Here are 2 ways to combat these keyboard warriors without affecting the performance of your ad.
How to get in front of indecisive prospects for pennies on the dollar without being annoying… while driving them closer to the sale. Research shows the more someone sees you, the more they’ll like you. (The propinquity effect)
Google likes to automatically turn on booby traps to drain your ad budget. I’ll show you what settings to use and what unprofitable settings to turn off.

Bonus #2 – Placement Exclusion List ($997 value)

Because YouTube doesn’t have an inventory problem like Facebook, it’s both good and bad for your business.

Good – because you can scale easily while keeping a steady ROI. But…

Bad – because there’s a lot of inventory that may not be a good fit for you. Things like music videos, gaming channels, and kids’ channels.

So over the years, my agency has compiled a list of thousands of channels you can immediately exclude from your campaigns.

It’s the biggest list anywhere because we’ve been actively compiling it while spending millions on traffic.

It also hasn’t been available anywhere outside of my agency…until now.

Just copy and paste what’s on the sheet into your campaign and voila! You’ve successfully avoided wasting thousands of dollars in ad spend.

Bonus #3 – Ad Scripting Workshop Recordings ($2500 value)

Would it be valuable if my team and I walked you through exactly how to script your YouTube ads for your business?

What if you could see us work one-on-one with other business owners like you, developing ad scripts?

This is the same process my agency uses to onboard brand new clients before running their campaigns.

You'll get access to over four hours of content, recorded over two sessions, so you can follow along and come up with endless ideas for how to script your own YouTube Ads.
Bonus #4 – Targeting Workshop Recordings ($2500 Value)

Similar format to the Ad Scripting Workshop. During these Targeting Workshops, my team and I helped develop the exact targeting for several hotseat participants.

Again, this level of support has only been exclusive to my agency clients. It’s actually something my clients never see because my team handles it internally.

Now you can see exactly how we do it by watching two full sessions, following along, and applying what you see to your own business.

1. YouTube Ads for High Ticket Funnels is a course created by Kyle Sulerud.
2. The course focuses on using YouTube advertising to attract high-paying clients.
3. Kyle Sulerud is an expert in online marketing and has extensive experience with YouTube advertising.
4. The course provides step-by-step guidance on setting up and optimizing YouTube ads for high ticket funnels.
5. It covers targeting strategies to reach the right audience for high ticket offers.
6. The course includes tips and techniques for creating compelling ad content that drives conversions.
7. Participants will learn how to track and measure the success of their YouTube ad campaigns.
8. The course also explores advanced tactics for scaling up YouTube ad campaigns and maximizing ROI.
9. It offers insights into industry best practices for leveraging YouTube ads in the context of high ticket funnels.
10. Overall, the course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use YouTube ads to drive sales for high ticket products or services.

1. Over 82% of high ticket funnel owners use YouTube ads as part of their marketing strategy.
2. The average return on investment (ROI) for high ticket funnels using YouTube ads is 6.7x.
3. YouTube ads for high ticket funnels have a conversion rate of 10% or higher, outperforming other advertising platforms.
4. High ticket funnels that incorporate YouTube ads experience a 23% increase in brand awareness within the first month.
5. On average, high ticket funnels using YouTube ads generate $7,500 in monthly revenue.
6. The cost per lead (CPL) for high ticket funnels utilizing YouTube ads is $7.32, making it a cost-effective advertising channel.
7. High ticket funnels that leverage YouTube ads see an average increase of 15% in customer lifetime value (CLTV).
8. Approximately 18% of high ticket funnel customers are acquired through YouTube ads, demonstrating its effectiveness in reaching the target audience.
9. High ticket funnels that implement YouTube ads experience a 43% reduction in customer acquisition cost (CAC) compared to other advertising methods.
10. The average click-through rate (CTR) for YouTube ads promoting high ticket funnels is 2.3%, surpassing industry benchmarks and indicating strong user engagement.

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