Woman-Centered Coaching Masterclass by Claire Zammit

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Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover in each session:

LIVE “Unlock Your Power & Expand Your Vision” Group Activation Session!

Before the training begins, we’ll come together in this special session where I’m going to show you how to make a powerful shift into a growth mindset so that you can become a role model of power and possibility for others.

This process of activation will catalyze your own personal transformation and expand your vision beyond your current horizons.

You’ll get to experience being in a culture that supports women to be powerful and visible, and you’ll have the experience of being amplified and sponsored into your greatness by other women in the group.

I’ll also guide you to set a personal and professional intention for the course and give you a full overview of how to prepare to get the most out of the training.

You’ll leave this session expanded and open to an even bigger possibility for what this journey ahead can create in your life, work, and business, along with some incredible connections with our global community.

Module 1: Activating a “Growth Container” for Extraordinary Results

There’s a radically different way you need to approach establishing the relationship with your client from the very beginning.

I’ll guide you through each step of establishing a “Power Partnership” with your client that forms the foundation for getting extraordinary results in your work together.

Super Skills you’ll develop in this module: Power Partnership

In this Module you’ll discover…

    The inner shifts you need to make that call forth your client’s power and expand possibility without you even saying anything
    The 3 things you need to do BEFORE the first session to ensure that your client comes in with the mindset she needs to get extraordinary results in your work together
    The #1 thing you need to do in your relationship with your client that will have her receive life-changing value from you in the first minutes of your work together
    How to forge the deepest level of safety and trust that enables you to create a “Chrysalis” for the deepest level of growth and breakthrough in your work together

Module 2: Igniting Your Client’s Vision

After you’ve established a Power Partnership, the next step is to “Ignite” your client’s vision by expanding her vision beyond her current horizon.

This is the next critical step, as without your help, your client will aim way lower than what’s possible for her and set her vision from a place of reaction, scarcity, or even lack.

Super Skills you’ll develop in this module: Amplification, Resourcing, Sponsorship.

In this Module you’ll discover…

    The critical step that most coaches overlook, which comes before setting the vision and is the key to igniting your client’s potentials
    The questions to ask to identify the “Hot” areas for your client that you must focus on in your work together to get extraordinary results – these areas are often different from the presented problems the client wants to focus on
    The alchemical practice that ignites potentials, enabling your client to connect with and activate her own inner guidance system

The specific way to set a vision utilizing the client’s senses that enables her to viscerally connect with her potentials and who she needs to become to realize them

Module 3: Identify Inner Barriers for Rapid Results

After you’ve established a client’s vision, the next step is to identify the inner barriers that have been in the way of her success up until now.

In this step, you’ll make the invisible visible and focus new awareness in ways that empower and catalyze a breakthrough for your client like she has never experienced before.

Super Skills you’ll develop in this module: Resourcing, Pattern Detection

In this Module you’ll discover…

    The practice that’s critical for you to guide your client in before inviting her into any self-reflection so that you can navigate this deep territory with safety and power
    The questions, which facilitate rapid new awareness of the places your client has been getting stuck and stopped that provide new, life-changing clarity
    How to identify the exact 3-part belief matrix that is the root of your client’s barriers to success in the area of her vision, and that in the process set you and the client up for rapid breakthrough
    The one thing you must do before moving to the next step to ensure that these awarenesses result in lasting, irreversible change for your client

Module 4: Irreversible Breakthrough Secrets

After you’ve identified the inner barriers that have been holding your client back, it’s time for a life-changing breakthrough experience.

In this step, your client will experience being liberated from the weight of old patterns that have been holding her back, likely for decades. This release is joyful for the client and incredibly fulfilling for you as a coach to be able to contribute so meaningfully to her.

Super Skills you’ll develop in this module:
Resourcing, Sponsorship & Breakthrough Storytelling

In this Module you’ll discover:

    The radical difference between a breakthrough that’s a potent state experience and one that leads to irreversible change, and how to facilitate it
    How to hold the client as she navigates “liminal space” and leaves her old self-concept behind to make way for the new self-concept that is aligned with her future
    How to name the new belief-matrix and story of power and possibility that will truly liberate your client and deliver lasting results – few coaches or clients know how to do this and will often fall into the trap of empathizing with the old story instead
    The final step that’s critical for the breakthrough to stabilize and become the new ground from which your client can create her future.

Module 5: The Growth Codes

This is the step where potentials turn into RESULTS in a client’s life.

You’ll discover how to become the midwife of these potentials by identifying the most salient gaps in mindsets, skills, capacities and structures, and you’ll provide the support and resources for their rapid development.

You’ll also gain access to my proprietary “Growth Codes” where I’ll share the map of the most direct mindset shifts and inner and outer skill development that unlock rapid breakthrough results in key life areas, including relationships, purpose, wealth, health, impact, influence, and more.

Super Skills you’ll develop in this module:
Resourcing, Designing Growth Pathways

In this Module you’ll discover…

    What to look for to be able to map the most direct path to success for your clients, both in terms of their inner development, as well as functional skills
    How to coach clients to source the courage they need to take the bold actions outside their comfort zones that lead to extraordinary results
    How to design “soft-ball” actions that create a virtuous cycle of wins and unstoppable momentum on the growth pathway
    What to do when your client misses the mark and how to get back on course and ensure they become unstoppable.



woman centered coaching masterclass by claire zammit
woman centered coaching masterclass by claire zammit
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woman centered coaching masterclass by claire zammitWoman-Centered Coaching Masterclass by Claire Zammit
Original price was: $ 1.997.Current price is: $ 149.