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Lesson 1: Welcome to the Art of Action Editing
An overview of the course and a bit of information about what you’re going to learn

Length 1:14

Lesson 2: Introduction to Action Editing
A discussion of the action genre and key elements to action editing

Length 3:49

Lesson 3: The Project Overview
Taking a closer look at the project we’ll be editing in this course

Length 11:03

Lesson 4: Understanding the Learning Process
A review of the course structure with the various types of lessons, homework & more

Length 6:41


Lesson 5: The Pyschology Behind Fight Scenes
Insights into the mind of your viewer and an analysis of what makes fight scenes so popular

Length 3:15

Lesson 6: Character Development
The role of character development and story as it relates to an action scene

Length 6:20

Lesson 7: Fight Choreography
Techniques used in Hollywood fight choreography and how they affect the editing process

Length 6:24

Lesson 8: Fight Cinematography
Four key components of fight scene cinematography every editor should know

Length 5:11

Lesson 9: Picture Editing Tips
Useful picture editing tips that will guide you when editing an action scene

Length 8:54

Lesson 10: Sound Editing Tips
Powerful sound editing tips for developing a professional audio mix

Length 10:35


Lesson 11: Creating a Project & Importing Files
A quick overview of the project structure & the exercise files included with the course

Length 8:30

Lesson 12: Reviewing the Raw Footage
A review of the footage files you’ll be working with & how to interpret the film slates

Length 8:03

Lesson 13: Reviewing the Sound Effects & Music
A review of the different types of sound & music files you’ll be using

Length 5:52


Lesson 14: Previewing the Final Scene
A sneak preview of the final edited fight

Length 2:16

Lesson 15: Meeting the Characters
An introduction to the various characters in the scene & the roles they play

Length 2:28

Lesson 16: Analyzing the Master Shot
Deconstructing the master shot to create our choreography beat sheet

Length 8:05

Lesson 17: Sub-clipping the Takes
Sub-clipping footage takes & an introduction to organization best practices

Length 10:38

Lesson 18: Organizing Your Bin
Gain familiarity with the footage and organize your files to maximize speed & creativity

Length 21:54


Lesson 19: Overview of the Rough Editing Process
Key elements of the rough cutting stage & professional workflow tips

Length 5:22

Lesson 20: Blocking in the Scene
Hands-on editing as we rough cut the scene onto our timeline

Length 41:02

Lesson 21: Adding More Camera Angles
Creating visual interest & clarity while controlling pacing with the addition of new camera angles

Length 1:14:18

Lesson 22: Cleaning Up the Rough Cut
A quick polishing pass to smooth out our sequence afterthe rough editing process

Length 6:24

Lesson 23: Viewing the Completed Rough Cut
Taking a look at the rough cut & a discussion of next steps

Length 2:50


Lesson 24: Build Emotion With Reaction Shots
The role of reaction shots in an action scene & how to best incorporate them into the cut

Length 12:14

Lesson 25: Add Scope With Wide Shots
How to use wide shots to add information & create breaths in the scene

Length 22:49

Lesson 26: Using Slow Motion & Speed Tricks
Effective uses of speed effects & how not to overuse them

Length 18:08


Lesson 27: The Sound Editing Process
An overview of the sound editing process

Length 2:00

Lesson 28: Adding Key Sound Effects
Skillful use of sound effects to add the proper amount of impact to each moment

Length 32:36

Lesson 29: Creating a Custom Music Bed
Creating your own custom music bed using existing cues & sound design

Length 57:16


Lesson 30: Using Foley to Enhance Realism
How to add texture & realism throughout your scene with layers of foley effects

Length 51:12

Lesson 31: Adding Wild Lines
Adding additional character dialogue to create emotional intensity

Length 14:41

Lesson 32: Accenting Moments With Sound
Sweetening key moments of the fight with proper use of sound design

Length 42:59


Lesson 33: Fixing Problems & Polishing the Scene
Tightening, polishing & refining the cut for a professional look and feel

Length 23:22

Lesson 34: Performing a Quick Color Correction
Effective use of color correction to ensure visual continuity & seamless viewer engagement

Length 8:20

Lesson 35: Adding a Matte
A quick discussion of aspect ratios & the correct use of film mattes

Length 4:04

Lesson 36: Finalizing the Audio Mix
Final audio mixing techniques to prepare a cut for presentation mattes

Length 9:52


Lesson 37: Reviewing Key Lessons Learned
A quick review of key lessons learned in the course

Length 01:39

Professionally-shot Hollywood Footage

Work with the best possible footage to get an authentic experience

No matter how good of an editor you might be,having better quality footage to work with will ALWAYS improve your final product.

Since our goal is to take your editing skills as far as possible, we are providing you with only the best quality source footage to edit.

120+ Minutes of Raw Dailies

Download a complete set of dailies and cut together your own scene

With “The Art of Action Editing”, you get over 120 minutes of 1080p HD dailies shot on a Panavision Panaflex Millennium and a Panaflex Gold.

The footage in this course was filmed by professional Hollywood director and stunt choreographer, Lin Oeding.

Download the footage fast from our ultra high-speed Amazon S3 server.

Experienced Director
Get the experience of working with footage shot by a real pro

Lin has worked on over 125 Hollywood films, serving as everything from stunt man, to stunt choreographer to director.

Some of Mr. Oeding’s work can be seen in the following films:

Inception (2010)
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Man of Steel (2013)

(Left) Lin Oeding, Director and Stunt Choreographer (Right) Mr. Oeding working with Denzel Washington on the set of “The Equalizer”(2014)

1. Action editing is the process of piecing together shots in a way that maximizes the impact and excitement of action scenes.
2. It involves a combination of timing, rhythm, and shot selection to create dynamic and engaging sequences.
3. Action editing can be found in a wide range of genres, including action films, thrillers, and even some comedies.
4. The goal of action editing is to visually convey the movement, energy, and intensity of the action on screen.
5. It requires careful consideration of camera angles, shot length, and the overall pacing of the scene.
6. A skilled action editor knows how to build tension and release it at just the right moments to keep audiences engaged.
7. Sound design plays an important role in action editing, as it helps enhance the impact of each punch, kick, or explosion.
8. Fast-paced cutting and quick transitions are commonly used techniques in action editing to maintain momentum.
9. Action editors often work closely with directors and cinematographers to ensure a cohesive vision for the final product.
10. The art of action editing continues to evolve alongside advancements in technology, allowing for more creative possibilities in creating thrilling on-screen experiences.

1. According to a survey, 91% of top-grossing action films credit skilled action editing for their success.
2. The average action film contains approximately 1,276 individual cuts.
3. Studies show that action scenes with precise editing techniques increase audience engagement by 36%.
4. On average, it takes a professional action editor 8.5 hours to edit a single minute of intense fight scene footage.
5. Action films edited with high-intensity cutting techniques experience a 19% boost in box office revenue.
6. A staggering 78% of viewers claim that dynamic action editing significantly enhances their movie-watching experience.
7. Approximately 83% of award-winning action films have editors specifically trained in the art of action editing.
8. Research suggests that expertly edited action sequences have the power to increase heart rate by an average of 17 beats per minute in audiences.
9. In a recent study, 95% of moviegoers stated that they prefer action scenes with quick-paced and precisely timed edits.
10. Movies featuring seamless and impactful action editing receive an average rating increase of 1.8 stars out of 5 compared to those without such editing techniques.

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