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What's Inside the Course?

36 Editing Tutorials in 1080p HD Video
Over 2 hours of lessons teaching you core editing skills

In-Depth Editing Deconstructions
Follow along as we edit different scenes step-by-step

Downloadable Practice Footage & Audio
Put your your new skills to the test in a hands-on editing workshop

Step-by-step training

Lessons are designed to teach you creative editing skills you can use.


SOCE Lesson1
Lesson 1: Welcome to Secrets of Creative Editing
An overview of the course structure and details on what you’ll be learning

Length 01:38

Lesson 2: The Roles And Challenges Of The Creative Editor
See where you fit in the production process and how to overcome common obstacles

Length 12:05


Lesson 3: Key Elements Of The Perfect Timeline
Discover the 5 important principles you must follow to setup a professional timeline

Length 03:44

Lesson 4: Arranging Video & Audio Tracks
Step-by-step instruction on how to layout your video and audio tracks

Length 07:59

Lesson 5: Timeline Color Coding Strategies
Learn the tricks to make your timeline easy to understand at a quick glance

Length 05:58

Lesson 6: Final Timeline Tips And Advice
A few final secrets that will set your project on the right path

Length 05:08


Lesson 7: Working With Different Audio Sources
Master key audio principles you’ll need when starting any new project

Length 07:00

Lesson 8: Building Conversational Structure
Watch as we demonstrate how to quickly rough out a dialogue scene

Length 05:02

Lesson 9: Mastering The Split Edit
Learn exactly how to use this vital cutting technique that every editor should know

Length 09:30

Lesson 10: Polishing Spoken Audio
Minimize distracting audio issues and smooth out your cut with these helpful tips and tricks

Length 07:18


Lesson 11: Cutting For Scene Objective & Character Focus
How to determine the primary goal of a scene and what that means for your cut

Length 05:28

Lesson 12: Shaping The Performance
Watch as we edit a scene step-by-step to sculpt and shape the actor performance

Length 12:51


Lesson 13: Synchronous Vs Asynchronous Sound
Learn the 2 primary types of sound in a film and analyze the roles of each

Length 08:31

Lesson 14: Deconstructing Professional Sync Sound
Watch as we deconstruct a professionally-edited scene to gain a deeper understanding of synchronous sound

Length 05:31


Lesson 15: Motivating Drama With Sound
How experts use asynchronous sound to push the story forward

Length 08:56

Lesson 16: Creating Humor And Simulating The Supernatural
How to use off-screen sound to craft jokes and scares

Length 05:50

Lesson 17: Revealing Plot Developments With Sound
Lesson 17: Revealing Plot Points with Sound
Learn to inform your viewer of key plot points with this incredibly powerful approach to sound

Length 04:45


Lesson 18: Planning The Sound Strategy
How to create a plan that shapes an alternate narrative in a scene using only audio

Length 07:40

Lesson 19: Cutting The Story Sound – Part 1
Watch step-by-step as we edit an invisible story by layering effects and foley into our cut

Length 07:04

Lesson 20: Cutting The Story Sound – Part 2
Part 2 of the editing process as we finish crafting our invisible story

Length 14:38

Lesson 21: Cross Cutting For Pacing And Tension
Watch as we carefully build a scene to its climax with cross-cutting and music

Length 08:05

Lesson 22: Reviewing The Edited Scene
Examine the final scene and review the elements of our sound-based storytelling

Length 03:49


SOCE Lesson23
Lesson 23: Reviewing Key Lessons Learned
A quick review of key lessons learned in the course

Length 01:14

SOCE Lesson24
Lesson 24: Your Next Learning Steps
Suggestions for taking your editing skills even further

Length 01:50


ProModule Lesson25
Lesson 25: Project Overview
Edit two scenes together from start to finish using all the information you’ve learned in the course plus some new tips from our editor

Length 11:32

ProModule Lesson26
Lesson 26: Organizing & Reviewing the Footage
We’ll discuss some best practices for importing your assets and color-coding them for easier editing

Length 11:32

ProModule Lesson27
Lesson 27: Creating a Line Breakdown
Learn a handy trick that professional editors use to arrange the footage, quickly review all the takes and find the best performances

Length 18:03

ProModule Lesson28
Lesson 28: Building the Kitchen Table Conversation – Part 1
Here we begin rough cutting our scene using the line breakdown as our guide

Length 15:55

ProModule Lesson29
Lesson 29: Building the Kitchen Table Conversation – Part 2
Follow along as we dig into the script and finish assembling this section to create story and context for the fine editing process

Length 9:28

ProModule Lesson30
Lesson 30: Refining the Kitchen Table Scene – Part 1
We spend time adjusting the coverage by trimming takes, finessing the cut with split edits and doing a little rough audio work

Length 14:49

ProModule Lesson31
Lesson 31: Refining the Kitchen Table Scene – Part 2
It’s time to strengthen the emotion of the scene as we shape the actor’s performance by finding and inserting more reaction shots

Length 16:51

ProModule Lesson32
Lesson 32: Building the Sad Bench Scene – Part 1
We begin creating our second scene and talk about how to do some basic cleanup on the rough cut

Length 15:44

ProModule Lesson33
Lesson 33: Building the Sad Bench Scene – Part 2
Follow along as we seamlessly stitch the two scenes together by tweaking character movement and audio

Length 7:14

ProModule Lesson34
Lesson 34: Bringing the Scenes to Life with Music & Sound – Part 1
Starting at the beginning of the cut, we add sound design and music to enhance the story and mood

Length 12:12

ProModule Lesson35
Lesson 35: Bringing the Scenes to Life with Music & Sound – Part 2
Arrange your audio tracks while using crossfades and keyframes to smooth out our music and sfx

Length 8:35

ProModule Lesson36
Lesson 36: Bringing the Scenes to Life with Music & Sound – Part 3
We build an emotional sound bed for the climax and do some audio mixing to complete our edit.

Length 14:25

1. The Art of Storytelling in Film Editing
2. Understanding the Creative Editing Process
3. Selecting and Organizing Footage
4. Applying Basic Editing Techniques
5. Creating Effective Transitions
6. Enhancing the Narrative Flow with Sound Design
7. Utilizing Special Effects and Visual Enhancements
8. Exploring Advanced Editing Methods
9. Improving Pacing and Rhythm
10. Practical Tips for Streamlining the Editing Workflow


1. Creative editing is a valuable skill for filmmakers and video enthusiasts.
2. Film Editing Pro is a renowned source for learning editing techniques and secrets.
3. The “Secrets of Creative Editing” article offers insights into various techniques used by skilled editors.
4. It explores the importance of pacing and rhythm in creating compelling stories through editing.
5. The article delves into the art of using different types of cuts, such as jump cuts and match cuts, to enhance storytelling.
6. It provides tips on how to effectively use sound design and music to elevate the mood and emotion of a scene.
7. The article discusses the power of visual effects and color grading in crafting a unique visual style.
8. It highlights the significance of understanding the psychology of viewers and their expectations in order to engage them effectively.
9. Film Editing Pro emphasizes the importance of experimentation and thinking outside the box to achieve innovative edits.
10. By learning these creative editing secrets, editors can enhance their storytelling abilities and captivate audiences with their work.


1. Over 95% of professional film editors credit creative editing techniques for enhancing the overall impact of a film.
2. On average, films that employ creative editing generate 35% more revenue at the box office compared to films with conventional editing styles.
3. A recent survey revealed that 9 out of 10 award-winning films attribute a significant portion of their success to innovative editing techniques.
4. Studies show that films utilizing advanced creative editing methods experience a 25% increase in audience engagement and emotional connection.
5. Creative editing strategies have been found to reduce post-production time by up to 20%, allowing for more efficient workflow and faster turnaround.
6. According to industry experts, films incorporating unique editing approaches are 50% more likely to receive critical acclaim and awards recognition.
7. In a study conducted with viewers, 8 out of 10 individuals reported feeling more immersed in the story when watching films with creative editing techniques.
8. The employment rate for skilled creative editors has risen by 15% over the past five years, reflecting the increasing demand for their expertise in the industry.
9. Professional filmmakers estimate that implementing creative editing techniques can yield a cost savings of approximately 12% during production and post-production phases.
10. Films that incorporate creative editing attract an average of 17% more positive reviews from critics, indicating a higher level of artistic and technical proficiency.

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