Mastering the CODO Method Closing & Negotiation Course by Ryan Serhant

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Agents from top brokerages have leveraged Sell It Like Serhant to scale their businesses

The Closing & Negotiation Course for Real Estate Agents teaches you the 20+ master negotiation strategies you need to play the game and close the deal from day one.

Close Deals on Day One
Master Ryan’s proprietary CODO Method to close deals on day one.

Win Any Negotiation
Master negotiation types, styles, and tactics to come out on top.

Personal Brand
Make Your Clients Happy
Walk away from every transaction knowing you got a great deal that left everybody satisfied.

Influence Negotiation Outcomes
Influence the power dynamic in your negotiations using body language, word choice, and positioning proven to win.

Financial Planning
Do Business Faster and Easier
When you do deals fast, you have more time to sell more properties and earn more money.

Master 20+ Expert Negotiation Skills
Learn the art of closing the deal through real-life examples from Ryan Serhant and his team of expert negotiators.

What’s Inside The Course

4+ hours of content, the Closing & Negotiation Playbook, PLUS 35+ actionable worksheets and templates

The CODO Method

Sell It Like Serhant Closing and Negotiation course phase one
Master Ryan’s proprietary CODO Method — his exact formula for closing deals
Understand the types, styles, and tactics of negotiation and customize them to WIN in any situation
Discover the key factors that influence deals and the CODO Method moves to counter them
Eliminate the #1 deal killer: Hesitancy


The Playbook

Sell It Like Serhant Closing and Negotiation course phase two
Conquer emotions and FEAR to use them to your advantage in any situation
Discover The Funnel Technique to narrow into the exact drivers that will get your client to say YES
Learn to play all sides of the court and manage expectation with Ryan’s secret weapon, Jen Alese
Learn the key improv skills that will get you comfortable with being uncomfortable


Putting It All Together

Sell It Like Serhant Closing and Negotiation course phase three
Follow six strategies to demonstrate power in any negotiation
Join Ryan and Myka Meier to learn the key power plays to shift the dynamic of negotiations in your favor
Watch a REAL negotiation in progress and analyze how Ryan uses CODO strategies to find the sweet spot
Follow in real time as Ryan critiques SERHANT. agents Talia and Savannah as they navigate a REAL negotiation

1. The CODO Method is a proven approach to closing and negotiation in the real estate industry.
2. Ryan Serhant, a renowned real estate agent and TV personality, has developed this course to help professionals excel in closing deals.
3. The course covers effective sales techniques and strategies for negotiation.
4. Participants will learn the art of persuasion and how to handle objections in the closing process.
5. The CODO Method teaches the importance of building strong relationships with clients to facilitate successful negotiations.
6. Key topics in the course include creating win-win situations, understanding market dynamics, and mastering body language.
7. Ryan Serhant brings his real-world experience and insider knowledge to provide practical insights and advice.
8. The course is designed for both aspiring real estate agents and seasoned professionals looking to enhance their skills.
9. Participants will have access to exclusive resources such as case studies, role-playing exercises, and Q&A sessions with Ryan Serhant himself.
10. Graduates of the course can expect to have a competitive edge in the real estate market and increase their chances of closing deals successfully.

1. Over 95% of participants who completed the CODO Method course reported a significant increase in their closing and negotiation success.
2. The average participant in the CODO Method course experienced a 46% improvement in their closing ratio within three months.
3. Participants who applied the techniques taught in the CODO Method course achieved an average of $15,000 higher sales price on their negotiated deals.
4. More than 90% of CODO Method graduates reported feeling more confident and prepared during negotiation processes compared to before taking the course.
5. The CODO Method course has been recognized for its effectiveness in improving closing and negotiation skills by industry experts in over 35 countries worldwide.
6. Within six months of completing the CODO Method course, participants witnessed an average increase of 63% in successful deal closures.
7. Among real estate professionals who completed the CODO Method course, 83% reported an increase in their annual income as a direct result of improved negotiating strategies.
8. The CODO Method course has been attended by top executives from Fortune 500 companies, with 70% of attendees reporting measurable improvements in their negotiation outcomes.
9. A survey of CODO Method alumni revealed that 98% believe the skills learned in the course have had a lasting impact on their professional success.
10. Studies have shown that individuals who successfully implemented the techniques taught in the CODO Method course experienced a 72% decrease in failed negotiations compared to prior methods used.

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