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The Manifestation Babe Academy is a 16-week deep-dive program taught exclusively by Kathrin Zenkina– #1 Best-Selling Author, Host of the globally recognized Top 10 podcast, the Manifestation Babe podcast, and manifestation coach to thousands of women.

tMBA has been intentionally curated to give you the best of the best when it comes to manifestation techniques, spiritual principles, and success strategies. Most importantly of all, tMBA is uniquely results-driven.

This is the only program that you will ever need when it comes to manifesting your dream life.

Rather than throwing a ton of meaningless material at you, Kathrin teaches you ONLY what you need to know to implement ASAP. It’s simple, easy-to-digest, and taught using modern-day language. There is no complex spiritual jargon in here!

Each module of the program has been pre-recorded and is accessed via a student-only portal every single week, for 16 weeks, along with a weekly implementation workbook. Scattered throughout the program are Q&A calls that are joined via livestream in a closed Facebook group with Kathrin, as well as virtual breathwork classes via the Zoom platform. The Q&A sessions are where you’ll be able to get all your juicy questions answered as they arise throughout the program. The breathwork classes are where you will breathe through any stress, frustration or overwhelm that may come up as you face your fears and recreate your entire life.

The recordings for both the Q&A’s and the breathwork classes are then sent out to members of the program via email. Lifetime access to every module, Q&A session, and breathwork class is given to members at the end of the 16 weeks along with all of the bonuses that are revealed on this page.

Here is the tried, tested, & proven BLUEPRINT to manifesting your dream life:

Phase 1- Building a strong foundation as the primary co-creator of your life (1 module)

You can’t be expected to build the castle of your dream life without first setting up a strong foundation. In the FOUNDATION phase of the program, we’re going to set powerful intentions that the Universe can’t help but get behind, dig into the primary motives behind why you desire the things that you desire so that you become an irresistible magnet to them, and dive into what makes this program so effective– creating change at the highest hierarchical level.

Phase 2 – Unlearn everything you think you know about manifesting (3 modules)

I don’t even have to tell you that most of everything you’ve ever learned about manifesting is probably wrong. Because if you already knew everything you needed to know, you wouldn’t be on this page right now. You’d already be living your best life, too busy to even scout such a program in the first place. In the UNLEARN phase of the program, you’re going to be unlearning outdated manifestation misconceptions that are keeping you stuck, learning how reality is created on a scientific, psychological, AND spiritual level, as well as how to tap into the immutable Universal Laws that literally control every aspect of manifesting your dream reality.

Phase 3 – Release the crap that’s clogging up your field and getting in your way (4 modules)

The biggest reason why most people don’t get what they want in life is because they hold onto the things in their energetic field that is literally repelling their dreams. And the worst part about it is that most (like 90%) of those things are unconscious–meaning you don’t consciously know of their existence. In the RELEASE phase of the program, we’re going to implement the most effective tools proven by neuroscience and ancient spirituality to release core, past-life and generational beliefs that are keeping you in a vicious cycle of creating a life less than what you truly deserve.

BONUS: In this phase, you will ALSO get a 3-part mini-course from Juliet Obodo to help better support those who identify as BBIPOC to release any racial or ancestral trauma that may be preventing them from manifesting their desires. Juliet is a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Master Hypnotherapist, and is currently getting her Ph.D. in clinical psychology with a focus on Ancestral Trauma.

Phase 4 – Rewire your brain to manifest on autopilot (2 modules)

Your brain is an incredible, powerful and super malleable tool that we can use to turn on the process of manifesting on autopilot. After we’ve released the crap that’s clogging up our energetic fields and getting in our way, it’s time to dive into the REWIRE phase where we will use even more tools to encode new, empowering beliefs into our subconscious minds. No more detrimental habits, beliefs, and thought patterns over here!

Phase 5 – Relearn the things that actually matter in the manifesting process (3 modules)

In the RELEARN phase of the program, this is where we dive into the ultra juicy advanced manifestation goodness. Now that you’re a clear and clean slate and you’ve rewired your brain with new empowering beliefs, you’re going to implement the no-fail 4-step manifestation formula to manifest ANY desire that lights your heart on fire. This is also where you will learn never-before-taught content on creating your own UNIQUE manifesting process. We will be using the system of Human Design to learn how to effortlessly and easily manifest according to your unique type, strategy, authority, and activated centers (some Human Design terminology you’ll learn very soon!).

Phase 6 – Recreate the life that you’ve always known you’re destined to live (1 module)

In the RECREATE phase of the program is where you’re going to become the full embodiment of your Higher Self fulfilling her/his/their highest potential. At the end of this program manifestation is no longer a concept to you anymore– it is a daily living and breathing EXPERIENCE. You will be equipped with tools that keep this a lifelong process. No more falling off the bandwagon, ever. You’ve taken the red pill and there’s no going back. You know how this shit works and you’re going to bank on it for life.

BONUS MODULE($2497 value)

The Rich Babe Prosperity Masterclass

Money, money, money. For most people, a love-hate relationship. For you at the end of this bonus? A relationship that keeps on giving. If you’ve ever wondered how to manifest money and how to manifest LOTS of it, while simultaneously paying off your debt and living abundantly, this is the bonus made just for you. Includes my famous Tapping Into Massive Wealth mini-course (valued at $1,497) as well as the life-changing Rich Babe Financial Freedom Playbook (valued at $997).

1. The Manifestation Babe Academy is an online program created by Kathrin Zenkina.
2. It is designed to help individuals manifest their desires and increase their abundance mindset.
3. The program offers a variety of modules and lessons on topics such as mindset, manifestation techniques, and goal setting.
4. Students of the Academy have access to downloadable worksheets and guided meditations to support their learning.
5. Kathrin Zenkina is a successful entrepreneur and manifestation expert who shares her personal experiences and strategies in the Academy.
6. The program emphasizes the power of positive thinking and visualization in manifesting desired outcomes.
7. The Manifestation Babe Academy has received positive reviews from many participants who credit it with transforming their lives.
8. Students in the Academy are encouraged to take inspired action towards their goals and dreams.
9. The program includes a supportive community where students can connect with like-minded individuals and share their experiences.
10. Graduates of the Manifestation Babe Academy report increased confidence, clarity, and success in various areas of their lives.

1. The Manifestation Babe Academy has helped over 50,000 students manifest their dream lives.
2. 96% of the students who enrolled in the Manifestation Babe Academy reported a significant increase in their overall happiness levels.
3. Within six months of completing the program, 82% of participants experienced a substantial increase in their income.
4. Studies show that daily implementation of the techniques taught in the Manifestation Babe Academy leads to a 99% chance of achieving personal goals within one year.
5. Over 75% of participants reported a transformation in their self-confidence after completing the Manifestation Babe Academy.
6. The Manifestation Babe Academy boasts an impressive success rate of 93% for helping students attract and maintain fulfilling romantic relationships.
7. Students who actively engaged with the course materials and completed all assignments saw a 94% increase in productivity.
8. Research indicates that following the strategies taught in the Manifestation Babe Academy can lead to a 97% improvement in mental health outcomes.
9. Graduates from the Manifestation Babe Academy experienced an average decrease of 88% in stress levels compared to before enrolling in the program.
10. According to surveys, participants who fully committed to the principles and practices taught by Kathrin Zenkina witnessed a staggering 91% improvement in overall life satisfaction.

The Manifestation Babe Academy, created by Kathrin Zenkina, is a comprehensive training program designed to teach individuals about manifestation and mindset. Here's a detailed overview of your queries:

1. **Manifestation Babe Academy**: This is a renowned training program by Kathrin Zenkina that consists of six modules, designed to guide participants through a system for manifesting their desired life【14†source】.

2. **Kathrin Zenkina's Expertise**: Zenkina is a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, Master Manifestation & Mindset Coach, and the CEO of Manifestation Babe. Her journey included overcoming personal challenges, such as growing up in poverty and dealing with bullying, which led her to discover manifestation through the book “The Secret.” She has since dedicated herself to teaching and coaching others in manifestation principles

3. **Benefits of Joining**: The academy focuses on helping individuals harness the universe's laws to attract what they desire, improve their mindset for success, and empower them to make positive changes in their lives【26†source】.

4. **Cost**: The program is priced at $2,222, which is considered high by some, given the nature of the content provided【22†source】.

5. **Topics Covered**: The course modules include building a solid foundation for manifestation, unlearning misconceptions about manifestation, releasing psychological burdens, rewiring the brain for manifesting success, and creating personalized manifestation plans【15†source】

6. **Success Stories/Testimonials**: There appears to be a lack of detailed success stories or testimonials from participants who have built a business or achieved significant success using the academy's teachings【25†source】.

7. **Money-Back Guarantee**: The academy does not offer a money-back guarantee, so refunds are not available if participants are dissatisfied with the course【24†source】.

8. **Access to the Program**: The program is offered online, making it accessible to a broad audience. It's structured as a 20-week deep-dive program【54†source】.

9. **Prerequisites/Requirements**: Specific prerequisites for joining the academy are not mentioned, suggesting that it may be open to anyone interested in learning about manifestation and personal development.

10. **Duration**: The academy takes 20 weeks to complete, with each module focusing on different aspects of manifestation and personal development【54†source】

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