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The Kairos Mentorship

Master the Mental Game of Business to Become an UNDENIABLE Industry Icon!

Your soul is craving something deeper and more powerful in business and life.
Your heart is telling you there is something greater.

A richer existence is awaiting you.

Your bank account is telling you, you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.

And you KNOW it’s time for YOU to uplevel your leadership, grow in your faith, and expand the vision for what’s possible in your life.

As a KAIROS leader you will:
Develop faith and moves mountains

Step into next level leadership that makes millions

Build a businesses that becomes a generational wealth creation machine

After helping countless business owners…
multiply their income and catapult their growth to extraordinary levels I noticed a trend…
Thousands can learn the EXACT same formula, blueprint, method, strategy and tactics, YET they achieve wildly different results.


Because the ability to cast vision for, lead and manage a team, clients, and the market, is about the INNER GAME.

The deep inner workings of your mindset, beliefs and habits ultimately determine the outcomes of your business and life.

Your beliefs are running your life and determining your RESULTS without you knowing it.
The great news is that you can upgrade your beliefs, change your mindset, and heal your past.

If you want to create mind blowing results financially, in a faith and family first business, you MUST learn the language, beliefs, and habits of champions, so you can BECOME one.


The truth is, the more successful you become…

the more you begin to see that the results you create, have little to do with the “tactics of the day” and everything to do with your ability to navigate…

Employee issues

Wild market swings

Betrayals by people you care about

Losing your sense of connection with your old inner circle, then trying to establish a new one

The learning curve of building an autonomous team

Sales, performance, and revenue fluctuations

The mental load of staying clear on the vision while living in the day to day

…And the list goes on!

Your mental agility as a business leader
will MAKE or BREAK your capacity to thrive at the multi million dollar level.


When things get hard…

When momentum slows…

When you feel trapped by the business you've built…

You have a choice.

Give up.

Go small.

Or step into your NEW ERA of business leadership.

That's what KAIROS is all about.

I want to help you develop true and lasting mastery in all areas of life, to overcome absolutely anything that comes your way.

The more equipped you are mentally, the more likely you are to navigate these things successfully.

In the surface level world of business today, I see a NEW generation of business leaders RISING up.

These are…

The Disruptors


The Visionaries
They are TIRED of the status quo and ready to operate beyond the blueprint.

They are READY to BREAK the thermostat that’s been keeping them stuck.

They are ready to STOP playing by other people’s rules, and START living out their faith.

They are ready to elevate beyond millions in revenue and into millions of TAKE HOME INCOME for their families.

It’s time for a new type of business leadership.
Intuitive. Integrity driven. Faith centered.

Preemptive. Focused. Innovative.

You KNOW there is so much more for you to accomplish.
God’s given you massive passion, a huge MISSION and you are ready for a season of reinvention, personal growth, and levels of success most only DREAM of!

It’s time to lean in to where you are being called next and step up as a leader, capable of results


You can either stay stuck.

Resenting your business.

Feeling chained to a job you’ve created for yourself.

Or you can become a KAIROS Leader.
What is a KAIROS Leader?
Kairos (n): a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action : the opportune and decisive moment

Kairos Moment: When God interrupts our routine and touches us so profoundly that we are forever changed.

Kairos Leader: A leader who SEES the opportunity, TRAINS for the prize, MASTERS the mindset, and Develops the SKILLS of a champion.

4 Pillars of Kairos Leadership:

Preemptive Business Leadership

Holistic Life Design for Optimal Living and Fulfillment

Values Driven Wealth Creation and Philanthropy

Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Health

Faith and family come first and the business is built strategically around a

RICH LIFE not the other way around.

A Kairos leader is committed to:
Faith that moves mountains

Leadership that make millions

Building businesses that become empires

It’s time for YOUR NEW ERA of business growth.

It’s time to stop settling for ANYTHING less than PEAK performance in all areas of life.

It’s time to start letting GOD direct, guide, and grow you as you lead, manage and grow your business.

It’s time to STOP building your dream at the expense of your health, family, or quality of life.

The Kairos Mentorship is designed to help you:
Align your highest calling, greatest gifts and biggest ambitions with the pursuit of the greater good-honoring God to create miraculous feats and unfathomable success.

Crystallize your unique genius, achieve extraordinary levels of success, live a life of presence and intentionality.

Transform into a person of RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY capable of achieving anything you desire, at warp speed!

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kairos mentorship by kelly roachKairos Mentorship by Kelly Roach
Original price was: $ 4.997.Current price is: $ 179.