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With 3D Money, you're going to have a complete financial toolkit to stop the never-ending debt cycle, stop impulsive buying, completely remove your fear of money, restore your credit, and truly start making your money work for you (just like the rich do)!

Take charge of your finances and your life today.

It's not just what you need, it's for the whole family!

Money and Credit: How It Works

Take control of your financial situation and uncover the truth about your spending habits, savings, and debt. Only then can you truly understand your money and take charge of your financial future.

Eliminating Debt: How It Works

Empower yourself to take charge of your financial future by developing a solid plan to eliminate debt, build up savings, and earn more money. You deserve to live a life free from financial stress and worry.

Passive Investing: How It Works

Don't let your hard-earned money go to waste by leaving it stagnant in a bank account. Instead, learn how to invest wisely and diversify your income streams to secure your financial future. The peace of mind that comes with financial security is priceless.

Module 1
Module 1 – Decode

In Module 1, you'll learn how to finally create a budget (one that you can actually stick to)

because as my student Simon put it: “it's awful to work so hard yet have so little after paying all the bills”
…but by following my signature 5-Step Budget Plan I teach exclusively inside of 3D Money, he says “now there's a plan to make money work for me”.
and that's why we start with Decode, so you can truly understand what your spending habits are, how you're saving and the fastest way to get out of debt. And it even includes a proven budget tracker that I developed to make it easy for you to immediately start saving more and spending less.
Module 2
Module – Design

In Module 2, you'll learn how to increase your credit score

Maria, one of my students, used what I teach inside of 3D Money to increase her credit score by 150 points!
also in Module 2, you'll learn how to eliminate debt with my 5-Step plan…
this is the exact roadmap that I used to get out of $200,000 of debt in less than 2 years
you know what it feels like to be drowning in debt, and the stress and anxiety it causes…
where every payment you make barely seems to make a dent, and it feels like you're trapped…
Now, imagine what it would feel like for you to be completely debt-free
and not have any monthly payments to worry about
so your paycheck can actually go towards the things YOU want, and to build the savings and investments for the future YOU deserve.
Module 2 will provide the exact step-by-step and tools you need to get out of debt so your once wishful thinking becomes your reality.
Module 3
Module 3 – Divresify

Then in Module 3, you'll learn how to make your money work for you…

instead of losing out every year to inflation (which will happen if your money just sits in a bank account)
A lot of people will tell you to invest…
but then don't tell you how, or what to invest in
That changes for you today.
that's why many people never even start
they'll say: “what if I do it wrong?” And that fear stops them from ever investing.
I don't believe in just telling you to invest
I'm going to show you how to invest.
I'll guide you step-by-step through learning what stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds and Index Funds are
I'll show you on screen exactly how to open an account (and which accounts to open)
and how to buy those investments
and how to diversify your portfolio
You'll gain the confidence to finally invest in the stock market.

Financial knowledge + Action = Financial Freedom

I know, and you know, that empowering yourself with financial knowledge can be the difference between a life where you are living paycheck to paycheck, constantly feeling like you're falling behind…

to a life where you feel truly financially free.

Because true financial freedom means deciding how you invest your time, and who you invest it with. It means having the confidence to know your finances are working for you, not against you.


I have over 20 million followers all over the world who tune into my social media videos to get smarter with their money.

But time and time again, people have asked me for more. That's why I spent the last few months (over 500 hours) creating this course to help you step-by-step take control of your money and become financially free and successful.

3D Money was created for YOU, so you don't have to make the mistakes.
If you’re after real financial freedom for you, your family, and generations to come, it is my life’s passion to help get you there.

This is 100% exclusive content, not available on my social media.

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3d money by erika kullberg3D Money by Erika Kullberg
Original price was: $ 375.Current price is: $ 29.