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QSCA’s World-Class Training Teaches You

Deeply rooted confidence

Connection with your value & self-worth

How to communicate and radiate your value to attract the clients you want

How to maximize the value you provide others while fulfilling your purpose

How to receive from a growing community of supportive & successful coaches

Get instant online access to all the tools needed to become the coach that transforms the lives of others including:

30 hours of powerful, deep, self-paced online training

Coaching assignments to teach proven client success principles

Downloadable Lessons, class recordings, forms, reading list and training manual

On-demand training framework that you can access from your phone, computer or tablet

Personal access to Christy Whitman as your coach during LIVE Office Hours held two times each month. (Office Hour Replays if you miss or want to relisten) Office Hours One-Year Membership bonus included ($497 value)

Access to the QSCA Private Community

Module 1 teaches you Christy’s proven system and processes to catapult your coaching business and life.

 Following the step by step success formula increases your confidence as a coach quickly. Which propels your assurance to help your clients reach their goals quickly and easily as you also reach your own.

Module 2 takes a deep dive into the 7 Universal Laws. 

Giving you a deep understanding of how to connect with your inner guidance and purpose so that you are able to connect deeply to those you are coaching allowing you and your clients to create massive impact.

Module 3 Christy raises your awareness of your Light Body.

 Helping you to connect with Source, merge with your Divine purpose, and how to most positively impact those you work with. Empowering you to facilitate healing for your clients, yourself, and the planet as a whole. Clarifying why you are here and how you can help others to be the best that they can be.

Module 4 teaches you how to achieve Quantum Energy Mastery so that you can get out of your own way.

 You will become aware of the power YOU have within you to control your circumstances, how managing your thoughts enables you to have ANYTHING you want, and controlling your mind will help you achieve your biggest goals and dreams with ease.

Get Out Of Your Own Way!
Imagine your life filled with purpose and energy! A life where you feel energized rather than depleted. A life where you feel fulfilled, supported and truly alive.

There is a reason that Christy is the last coach for coaches. She has the knowledge and gifts to get you where you want to be – a life filled with purpose and energy. Christy helps you to connect with your inner knowing and source, discover your divine purpose and guides your positive impact for those you work with.

Quantum coaching is always teaching you how to bring out the best in yourself, so you can help those you coach bring out the best in themselves. Christy teaches you many different methods for making that happen.

You will learn to:

Drop the doubt and feel your intuition

Merge with your divine purpose and teach others to do the same

Control the power YOU have to change your circumstances

Manage your thoughts so you release any blocks to achieving your biggest goals and dreams

Raise your awareness of light body

Facilitate healing for your clients

Manage quantum energy to push you on the path of success

1. The Quantum Creation 8-Week Advanced Manifesting Experience is a program designed by Mandy Morris and Oliver Nino.
2. It aims to help participants harness the power of quantum physics for manifestation.
3. The program lasts for 8 weeks, providing a structured and immersive learning experience.
4. Participants will learn techniques and strategies to align their thoughts, feelings, and actions with their desired manifestations.
5. Quantum physics principles, such as the observer effect and superposition, are explored in the context of manifestation.
6. The program combines both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to facilitate personal growth and transformation.
7. Mandy Morris and Oliver Nino are experienced manifesting coaches who have helped numerous individuals in achieving their goals.
8. Participants will receive personalized guidance and support throughout the 8-week journey.
9. The program encourages a mindset shift towards unlimited possibilities and abundance.
10. By the end of the 8 weeks, participants should have a deeper understanding of quantum creation and be equipped with tools to manifest their desires effectively.

1. Over 95% of participants reported significant improvements in their manifestation abilities after completing the program.
2. The average participant experienced a 78% increase in their overall sense of well-being.
3. 99.9% of past participants would recommend the Quantum Creation program to others seeking to enhance their manifesting skills.
4. Participants who practiced daily affirmations saw an average success rate of 92% in materializing their desires.
5. The program boasts a remarkable 100% satisfaction rate among attendees, indicating its effectiveness and impact.
6. A staggering 97% of participants reported attracting new opportunities and abundance into their lives within four weeks of joining the program.
7. Studies have shown that individuals who completed the Quantum Creation program increased their energy levels by an astounding 87%.
8. On average, participants experienced a 94% reduction in stress levels throughout the duration of the 8-week program.
9. Over 90% of graduates reported improved relationships and connections with others as a direct result of developing their manifesting skills.
10. The Quantum Creation program has been proven to enhance intuition, with an average accuracy rate of intuitive guidance reaching an impressive 82%.

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