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Hello there, I'm
Hayden Hillier-Smith
I have 10+ years experience editing for top YouTubers like…

MrBeast, Logan Paul, Mark Rober, Michelle Khare and more.

In 2020, I won the Streamy Award for Best Editing.

I am going to show you everything I’ve learned being a career editor for top level YouTube channels.

At the end of this masterclass you will think of editing less like busywork and more like a creative outlet.

Here's what you'll discover…

Hayden's Secret Editing Recipe

This is the recipe that has made creators like Logan Paul and MrBeast keep coming back as repeat clients.

Hayden's editing recipe can be used in any NLE and is only three ingredients.
The Editing Recipe an be used in any form of media be it film, TV show, music video, or YouTube video.
Once you see The Editing Recipe, you'll never be able to unsee it as its impact can be seen across good storytelling and media.

Timeless Editing Principles

Unlock creative freedom and discover your unique editing style, applicable across various NLEs.

Gain a deep understanding of the editing philosophies that Hollywood has successfully employed for nearly a century that Hayden has modernized for YouTube.
Make the editing process a true expression of your artistic vision.
Learn storytelling principles, not just “retention hacks”.

Learn To Be a Storyteller First.

Discover how to prioritise storytelling as your first step in editing.

Gain an understanding of story structure that translates to effective cuts.
Learn how to be a writer in the edit
Find the method to prioritise editing OUTSIDE of your timeline, to help you see the story on a macro-level.
Masterclass Details

In this first level, you'll learn the building blocks of how to construct a meaningful story – including Hayden's super secret editing recipe.

Learn how to write like an editor, and how to translate that into every act, beat, scene, and frame.

Learn Hayden's go-to storytelling frameworks and formulas – everything from The Harmon Circle to The Pope in the Pool.

Learn the soft-skills of client management and brainstorming with others in the edit.

Who is this for?

If you're intermediate editor who wants to become an advanced, in-demand editor…
If you’ve landed on an NLE you love to use and you've booked some of your first clients, this is a perfect class for you. With Edit Like an Artist, you’ll learn how one of the most renowned YouTube editors interacts with their footage and communicates with their clients. You’ll also learn film and editing history that will put you ahead of 90% of other editors.

If you want to start your first YouTube channel…
It’s not uncommon for YouTubers to edit their own videos. This class is perfect for one-man-bands who know the basics of editing, but really want to maximize their editing potential as creators, and to perhaps one day build an editing team. This class is also perfect if you are an editor who just landed their first job editing for a creator.

If you’re a career YouTuber who wants to communicate better with your editing team…
Even if you aren’t your channel’s editor, the best directors are the ones who work well with their post-production team. This class will teach you editing best practices, vocabulary, and how to articulate your vision to an editor so you aren’t going back and forth on Frame.io 1000 times.

If you’re a career YouTuber who wants to send your entire post-production team through this program…

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Original price was: $ 400.Current price is: $ 35.