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Radically transform your life through a complete Dreamporting Journey while empowering you with advanced techniques: 

1. Training: Reality Architecting:

Have you wanted to know the Laws of the Universe, and how to use them in order to transform any issue within, and situation externally? Not only will we learn in practical terms these laws, but start performing magical work such as Energy Transference and Hermetic Magical techniques to start transforming your life and magnetize positive momentum and miracles rapidly.

 Result: Experience the benefits of an upward spiraling vibration in your spiritual, emotional, and overall wellness such as peace, motivation, and vitality while aligning with the universe. 

2. Ancient Energy Techniques: 

Do you wish to know how to use special light rays and sequences to reveal what hides, dissolve what resists, alchemize what doesn't serve, and liberate your consciousness? This week you will be journeying into your inner world and using these weapons of love to disarm old walls of fear and powerfully recode your subconscious. Unlock your psychic senses and harness the Divine Force to dissolve what stands in the way of your power, freedom, and dreams.

 Result: As you cast light on your core blind spots, and free yourself from false identities that run much of your life and manifest in external challenges, profound upgrades and shifts in your life will begin to unfold. 

3. Stabilize your new Timeline: 

Have you ever had a transformational or peak experience and then reverted to old ways? It doesn't matter how many plant medicines or healing sessions we have if we can't stabilize our awareness, and hold the higher frequencies of light in our bodies that we wish to operate from and manifest with. In this module you will learn how to undergo a much deeper timeline shift and hold the vibration of greatness in your body that you require to launch into your dreams. 

 Result: Operate and manifest from your True Self! This higher frequency will magnetize a new chapter of alignment and flow in your life. You will embody your magnificence and radiate your true expression and authenticity as the world instantly reflects this back to you with beautiful gifts! 

4. Alchemical Mastery: 

Master the system to overcome the deepest of blocks, resistance, and triggers in yourself and guide others into this freedom. Discover how to integrate sub personalities, de-armoring protective mechanisms, banishing entities and spells, and troubleshooting any block on yourself and others. Discover different angles to turn even the deepest of challenges and trauma into gold. Learn to hold the enlightened perspective to facilitate miracles and allow spontaneous awakenings and divine-consciousness. 

Result: Begin receiving and giving Dreamporting Alchemy sessions and undergo incredible openings in your ability to receive clarity, intuition, and manifestations. With a new depth of transformation comes a strengthened loving awareness and alignment with your destiny.

5. Magic Constellation: 

Have you ever wished you had clarity and alignment in all areas of life? As many people's favorite technique, you will train to use Divine Magic and intuition to transform situations in life, and align all aspects of your reality (relations, business, ideas, inner and outer realities). Learn ancient techniques using angels, potions, fire, and beeswax to re-align situations for yourself and others to the highest good. Learn to open and automate portals for miracles to flow into your life and in sessions. 

 Result: Have a tuned and aligned relationship to all things in life and the ability to facilitate Dreamporting Constellation Sessions for others. Be empowered to perform divine petitions to transform important life situations and challenges for yourself and those who ask for your support and watch the magic happen! 

6. The Journey Space: 

Have you ever wanted to take yourself or others into deep trances without the need for psychedelics? Have you wanted to be able to answer your deepest questions or tune into others with precise truth from Divine Intelligence? Learn to tune into someone's rhythm, thought forms, and energy field to guide anyone willing through various breathing, energetic, and magic techniques to instantly provide shifts in one’s reality from breaking out of thought-loops, shifting states, awakening intuition, reconnecting of guides and Spirits, and rapidly ushering one into divine trance and immersive journey-space. 

 Result: Discover the ego's traps and how to clear your channel to allow through the purest energy and intuitive guidance for yourself and others. Be initiated as a spiritual leader that can support individuals and large groups to be free, empowered, and harmonized!   


7. Learn to facilitate the Dreamporting timeline shift experience for individuals and groups

using music, frequencies, potions, incense and magic for individuals and groups, and offer rapid manifestation support and advanced reality creation services to those you wish to serve! Undergo a deeper Timeline Shift in the Activation that you can listen to anytime for life for incredible results.

 Result: Have at your disposal a great tool of liberation and teleportation into one’s dream life through the mastery of agreements, vibration, and the art of surrender. An exceptional gift for yourself and others!

8. Integration & Embodiment: 

Deepen your embodiment and emanate your true light to magnetize greatness. Discover the ways Daniel uses rituals, exercises, and protocols for his clients for incredible results that stick and only grow with time. Integration and holding your True Self in the physical body and expression is key to truly live the life of your dreams and facilitate true transformation for others.

Result:Experience a mystical makeover and learn the secrets to truly guiding others to greatness by empowering them and balancing their energies for ultimate success!

9. BONUS: For those interested and wish to quantum leap their healing, coaching or spiritual business or practice. Receive a masterclass on attracting the greatest clients, moving to great abundance while being of greatest service, offering successful transformational packages, retreats and offerings, and much more! Receive Daniel’s favorite playlists for sessions and group facilitation, and spiritual techniques for alignment of business with the energies of success, integrity, and greatest impact.

Result: Quantum Leap your practice by aligning with integrity and universal codes to magnetize the greatest positive impact and the corresponding abundance to fulfill your highest potential.  

If you’re ready to co-create with the universe, radically realign your life, and usher in a more beautiful world …


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