Divine Money Manifesting by Sandy Forster

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Discover ancient spiritual secrets, cutting edge technology and proven practical steps,
so you release your money blocks and manifest the prosperity you desire.
It's time to break through your blocks and
Create More Abundance and Freedom.
in your business and life!
Maybe you've read heaps of books or followed the experts, but are stuck in these same old patterns …
Your cash flow hasn't increased to the level you truly want
You feel inspired… but end up back in the same place wondering “what am I doing wrong”?
You feel discouraged (or even secretly jealous) when others succeed and wonder ‘why not me?'
You feel like ‘manifesting and attracting abundance' works for other women, but not you
You're tired of the ‘boom or bust' cycle and ready for consistent income growth
You feel if you could just tap into a simple, powerful system, it would all finally come together.
Your Answer is Here …
If you're anything like the tens of thousands of women I've helped who had been trying so hard but hadn't created the abundance they desired, I want you to know it's not too late. Creating the prosperity you desire isn't about being good enough, worthy or capable (although I WILL help you bust those limiting beliefs)…

It's not about being the perfect person or having the right background…

The simple, powerful processes I teach took me from welfare to millionaire, and now it's your turn to access these exact secrets, be empowered and create a new level of abundance in your life.

Imagine experiencing that magical moment when your dreams are beginning to manifest!

Others can show you the tools; but I'll take you MUCH deeper … you'll discover the science behind quantum energy and experience manifestation in real time, which will inspire and empower you to attract and create even more of your hearts desires.

Divine Money Manifesting…

Imagine …
Easily paying off your debts AND having excess money to ‘play' with every month
Saying goodbye to the feast or famine money cycle and instead having a consistent flow of increasing abundance in your life
Your experience with money becomes one of ease, joy and lightness
Your life is more amazing than you've imagined… you're able to manifest the lifestyle and experiences you've always desired
Your business or career is flourishing … in fact you continue to multiply your current income effortlessly
You have the time and money to do all the things that make your heart sing
You feel blessed to have attracted opportunities and experiences you once only dreamed of

Divine Money Manifesting Course Modules

Dive into these 12 core modules designed to teach you the art of manifesting money, releasing self-sabotage and breaking through blocks standing in the way of attracting abundance. You'll speed up the manifesting process by rewiring your subconscious mind and experience results faster and easier than ever before with our unique and extremely powerful manifesting method.
Plus, as a Divine Money Manifesting member you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to your course

30 Day Attracting Abundance Journal

Created to kick start your prosperity journey, even before you discover all the amazing information, exercises and processes inside Divine Money Manifesting. By completing your journal each day, you'll be consistently raising your vibration and aligning with your desires, which in turn makes it easier for you to manifest them! Your 30 Day journal will help you stay on track with your money mindset and transform you into an amazing manifestor!

Bonus 2: Millionaire Mindset

Start creating prosperity immediately! Get my complete abundance attracting course on how to become amazing at manifesting money – includes an Audio book, Companion Workbook and 12 powerful sessions where I dive into ‘all the things' and answer EVERY question about manifesting, giving you my tips and secrets to turn you into a money magnet!

Bonus 3: Guided Visualizations And Abundance Activations

We developed powerful subliminal technology including brain entrainment sounds, vibrationally channeled music with over 111 embedded prosperity affirmations and specific frequencies to effortlessly re-wire your mind so you naturally break through your blocks and attract more abundance – by doing nothing more than listening to our powerful audios. These breakthrough sessions have been created using the latest information in neuro-science to create long-term change in the brain so manifestation and creating a life you love becomes effortless.

Start releasing your limiting beliefs and self-sabotage while you become more magnetic to your dreams, and start manifesting your hearts desires. Includes …
Awaken Your Prosperity Self
Affirmations for Your Abundance
Prosperity Desires Of The Heart
Create Your Ideal Day
Million Dollar Affirmations
$100,000 Abundance Activation
Become a Millionaire in 3 Years
Manifest $5,000 Fast
and many more! NEW visualizations added every month to help you become the best YOU possible
($1292 Value)

Bonus 4: Millionaire Success Library

You’ll get access to Sandy's personal success library to keep the journey going beyond the program.

This library includes over 20 hours of inspiring millionaire audios that dive deep into money manifesting, including powerful Q&A sessions where you'll hear students just like you get their most pressing questions answered. Plus get The Magic of Mastering Your Money, The Secret to the Law of Attraction and Prosperity, and for effortless manifesting, you'll have access to the entire ‘Manifest While You Sleep' series of meditations including:
Awaken Your Prosperity Self
Manifest Money While You Sleep
Create Success While You Sleep
Attract Abundance While You Sleep
Become a Successful Author While You Sleep
Attract Clients and Customers While You Sleep
Become a Successful Speaker While You Sleep
And YOU can suggest a ‘While You Sleep' topic!
($1673 Value)
Extra Bonuses
Even though I still don't consider myself a ‘business person' (I'm more of a creative person who just happens to make money from doing what I love), I've created amazing success… including making over $2 million dollars in LESS than 3 months from my FIRST EVER online program in 2003 without spending a dollar on advertising, or a single second on social media and I hardly had anyone on my email list – ha ha!! So let me share my proven practical and mindset secrets to business success.

Bonus 5: Business Bliss

Whether you want to start a business, or grow a business, Business Bliss is for you. Be inspired and motivated as you listen to Masterclasses and audio sessions such as:
Manifesting Your Ideal Business
Attracting Ideal Clients
Creating Your Money Flows
Amazing Business Success
Manifest your Million Dollar Idea
See Your Business Success
Double Your Income In 6 Months
Super Successful Marketing On A Shoestring That Brings Results
Set Powerful Intentions For Your Business
Manifestation Secrets For Entrepreneurs
Achieving Goals And Creating Success Subliminal
Affirmations For Business Success
and more!

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divine money manifesting by sandy forsterDivine Money Manifesting by Sandy Forster
Original price was: $ 1.111.Current price is: $ 65.