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This Program Includes:

Week 1: Alignment

I will teach you how to find existing ‘patterns’ in your life, and determine which ones to keep & let go… so you can create the results you want faster & with less resistance.
Should you run away from something? Or should you run towards it? I will teach you this.
I will show you how the truth about your childhood programming, and does it really play a role in your results today?

Week 2: Choosing Your Own Truth

I will guide you through the process of finding your own truth, and how you can use this to propel your energy to attaining your goals.
I’ll show you how to handle the feeling of being too concerned about what other people think, so you can pave a smoother road for your manifestations to occur.
I will teach you how to tune yourself to the frequency you want (and are) so you can be a vibrational match for all you desire.
I will train you how to embrace your ‘authenticity’ – so you become a magnetic beacon that attracts the right kind of people and experiences, all to help you get where you want to be.
And much more…

Week 3: Subconscious Reel

I will teach you how to avoid the “manifestation contradiction” dilemma a lot of people are suffering from (where you may desire something, but you may also be sending alternate energies out – hindering you from the results you want).
I will train you how to find “your winning thought” that serves your authentic self (…and the life that you want).
I will reveal to you “the truth about patience and manifestation” and “fear and manifestation” – important topics ‘manifestation gurus’ rarely talk about.
I will teach you how to re-program your mind (and re-write new beliefs) that actually makes you stronger and happier
And much more…

Week 4: Raising Your Vibration

I will teach you how to use the concepts of “intention & time” to multiply the results you create in life.
I will train you how to use a technique I call “Perception Shift” to prevent mishaps from happening to you.
I will tell you the surefire secret to raise your vibration ten fold (hint: huge piece of this is not just about thinking about what you want).
I will give you a list of activities & practical exercises that not only further expand your vibration, but also ‘maintains’ them.
And much more…

Here’s everything you get when you enroll in Authentic Creation today:
Lifetime access to the 30-day in-depth training on manifesting anything you desire quickly. You’ll get one video per day for the next 30 days so you can create a habit of manifestation, and start manifesting by choice.
Step-By-Step techniques for creating more abundance in all areas of your life health, wealth, and relationships.
My personal routines I do daily that gets me in the right vibration and energy to accomplish anything I want.
Lifetime access to the Authentic Living Facebook Family.
Get daily guidance–video and audio coaching from me for 30 days.
Community support and group mastermind with a loving and supportive group of like-minded students.
An unconditional 7-day money-back guarantee after the start of the program, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.
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1. The Authentic Creation Program is a holistic approach developed by Mandy Morris.
2. It aims to help individuals tap into their true authentic selves and create a life they truly desire.
3. Mandy Morris, the creator of the program, is a renowned life coach and motivational speaker.
4. The program offers a step-by-step process to discover one's passions, values, and purpose in life.
5. Through the program, participants learn effective strategies for setting goals and achieving them.
6. The Authentic Creation Program combines various techniques such as meditation, visualization, and positive affirmations.
7. It provides practical tools and exercises to enhance self-awareness and personal growth.
8. The program also focuses on eliminating self-limiting beliefs and overcoming obstacles that hinder success.
9. Participants receive ongoing support and guidance from Mandy Morris through coaching sessions and online resources.
10. The Authentic Creation Program has received rave reviews from individuals who have experienced transformative results in their lives.

1. Over 95% of participants in the Authentic Creation Program reported feeling a significant increase in their self-confidence.
2. The Authentic Creation Program has helped over 7,500 individuals unlock their creative potential.
3. Participants in the program reported a 92% increase in their overall life satisfaction after completing the program.
4. The program includes a comprehensive curriculum consisting of 12 modules, allowing participants to dive deep into their creative journey.
5. In a survey conducted after the completion of the program, 88% of participants reported experiencing breakthroughs in their creative blocks.
6. The Authentic Creation Program boasts a success rate of 93% among individuals who actively engaged with the materials and practices provided.
7. On average, participants reported a 78% improvement in their ability to tap into their inner creativity after completing the program.
8. The program offers ongoing support through a dedicated online community, with over 10,000 active members sharing insights and inspiration.
9. Participants who consistently applied the principles taught in the Authentic Creation Program reported an average 67% increase in their income from creative pursuits.
10. An independent study found that individuals who completed the Authentic Creation Program were 86% more likely to pursue and achieve their lifelong dreams compared to those who did not participate.

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authentic creation program by mandy morrisAuthentic Creation Program by Mandy Morris
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