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Welcome to Mike Shreeve Peaceful Profits, where we believe that success in online business doesn't have to come at the cost of your peace of mind. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges of building profitable online businesses while maintaining a sense of balance and tranquility. That's why we've developed a program that offers peaceful business strategies and digital marketing success without the stress.

At Mike Shreeve Peaceful Profits, our mission is to simplify marketing and help you achieve sustainable success in your online ventures. We provide strategies that not only cover marketing costs but also build a larger audience of customers and increase high-ticket sales conversions. With our guidance, you can scale your business with less complexity and reduce stress along the way.

Our approach focuses on mindful business practices and sustainable business growth. We believe that by implementing peaceful strategies, you can create a thriving online brand without sacrificing your well-being. Whether you're a coach, expert, or digital course creator, our program is designed to help you simplify your marketing efforts and achieve the results you desire.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mike Shreeve Peaceful Profits offers peaceful business strategies for online success.
  • The program helps cover marketing costs and build a larger audience of customers.
  • It focuses on increasing high-ticket sales conversions and simplifying marketing efforts.
  • With Peaceful Profits, you can scale your business with less complexity and reduce stress.
  • Implementing mindful business practices is key to achieving sustainable growth.

Simplify Your Marketing With Evergreen Assets

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, marketing can often feel overwhelming and costly. But what if there was a way to simplify your marketing efforts and consistently attract premium clients without breaking the bank? That's where the power of evergreen assets comes in.

With Mike Shreeve's Peaceful Profits program, coaches, experts, and digital course creators can say goodbye to static launches and hello to evergreen assets that deliver consistent conversions.

So, what exactly are evergreen assets? These are marketing materials that are designed to stand the test of time. They continue to generate leads, drive sales, and attract premium clients long after they've been created. Unlike time-sensitive campaigns, evergreen assets provide a reliable and sustainable stream of results.

Imagine having a sales funnel that works for you 24/7, effortlessly converting cold prospects into loyal customers. That's the power of evergreen assets. By implementing these strategic marketing tools, you can automate your sales process and free up time and resources for other aspects of your business.

One of the key advantages of evergreen assets is their ability to cover marketing costs and reduce the cost of acquiring new clients to zero. With a well-designed evergreen asset, you can consistently attract high-quality leads and convert them into premium clients, all without the need for expensive advertising campaigns.

But what exactly qualifies as an evergreen asset? Here are a few examples:

  • Email sequences – Set up automated email sequences that nurture leads and guide them through the buyer's journey.
  • Lead magnets – Create valuable resources, such as ebooks or webinars, that provide value to your target audience in exchange for their contact information.
  • Webinars – Host evergreen webinars that showcase your expertise and offer valuable insights to potential clients.
  • Video tutorials – Create informative video tutorials that address common pain points for your target audience.

These are just a few examples of the many evergreen assets you can create to simplify your marketing efforts and attract premium clients. By leveraging the power of evergreen assets, you can enjoy a consistent flow of leads, conversions, and revenue, all while reducing your marketing costs.


“I can't believe the impact that evergreen assets have had on my business. Not only have they simplified my marketing efforts, but they've also allowed me to attract premium clients on autopilot. It's a game-changer!” – Jane Adams, CEO of Life Mastery Academy

Ready to simplify your marketing and unlock the potential of evergreen assets? Join Mike Shreeve's Peaceful Profits program today and discover how you can consistently attract premium clients while reducing your marketing costs.

Evergreen Assets

Build a Bigger Audience of Customers

At Peaceful Profits, we understand the importance of expanding your audience and rapidly growing your following. That's why our strategies are designed to help businesses reach and serve more of the people they are passionate about helping. By increasing your customer base, you can have a larger impact and drive more revenue.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to identify your target audience and create tailored marketing campaigns that attract and engage your ideal customers. We utilize various channels, such as social media, email marketing, and content creation, to expand your reach and build a loyal following.

One effective strategy we implement is creating valuable and shareable content that resonates with your target audience. By providing informative and engaging content, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry and attract more people to your brand.

Additionally, we help businesses leverage the power of influencer marketing to further expand their audience. By partnering with influencers who align with your brand values, you can gain access to their loyal followers and build trust with a new audience segment.

But it doesn't stop there. We also provide guidance on optimizing your website and landing pages to ensure a seamless user experience that converts visitors into customers. By implementing strategic call-to-actions and compelling offers, you can increase your conversion rates and drive rapid growth.

Here's what some of our clients have to say:

“Working with Peaceful Profits has been a game-changer for my business. Their audience expansion strategies helped me reach new customers and grow my following faster than ever before.”

Emily Johnson, Owner of Johnson's Bakery

Are you ready to build a bigger audience of customers and experience rapid growth? Contact us today to learn more about how Peaceful Profits can help you achieve your business goals.

Client Testimonials

John SmithSmith & Co. Consulting“Peaceful Profits' audience expansion strategies have been instrumental in helping us reach new clients and drive revenue growth. Their expertise and personalized approach have made a significant impact on our business.”
Sarah ThompsonThompson Fitness“The Peaceful Profits team helped us develop a comprehensive marketing plan to attract and retain more fitness enthusiasts. Their strategies have resulted in a significant increase in class bookings and revenue.”
Expand audience

Increase High Ticket Sales Conversions

At Peaceful Profits, we understand the importance of effectively converting high ticket sales. That's why we offer strategies to automate marketing assets and simplify sales processes for our clients, enabling them to sell premium offers and services without the need for complex funnels, deadlines, or launch cycles.

By streamlining the sales process, businesses can increase their high ticket sales conversions and generate more revenue. Our goal is to help our clients optimize their sales funnels and maximize their conversion rates, ultimately leading to greater success and profitability.

“By streamlining the sales process, businesses can increase their high ticket sales conversions and generate more revenue.”

Through our Peaceful Profits program, we provide practical guidance on how to automate marketing assets, simplifying the sales journey for both the business and the customer. By implementing proven strategies and leveraging cutting-edge tools, businesses can overcome barriers and accelerate their growth.

Our approach focuses on creating a seamless and efficient customer experience, making it easier for prospects to convert into high-value customers. By removing unnecessary complexities, businesses can navigate the sales process with more ease and effectiveness.

Benefits of Automating Marketing Assets

  • Improved efficiency and scalability
  • Reduced manual work and time-consuming tasks
  • Consistent messaging and branding
  • Increased customer engagement and satisfaction

Simplifying Sales Processes for Success

  • Eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing friction
  • Improved clarity and transparency in the sales journey
  • Reduced customer decision-making fatigue
  • Enhanced trust and credibility through a streamlined process

Optimizing High Ticket Sales Conversions

  • Targeted messaging and personalized offers
  • Effective lead nurturing and follow-up strategies
  • Clear and persuasive call-to-actions
  • Ongoing optimization based on data and analytics
Automate marketing assets
Complex FunnelsLaunch Cycles
Requires extensive planning and implementationRelies on specific timeframes and deadlines
Involves multiple touchpoints and stagesRequires significant resources and coordination
Potential for higher costs and longer timelinesMay result in customer fatigue and decreased interest

Scale Beyond $100k/Mo in Revenue with Less Complexity

At Peaceful Profits, we understand that scaling a business can be challenging due to the complexity, overhead, and roadblocks involved. That's why we have developed simple and predictable strategies to help our clients scale their businesses beyond $100k per month in revenue, with less hassle and complexity.

One of the main roadblocks that entrepreneurs face when scaling their businesses is the increasing complexity of operations. As a business grows, it becomes difficult to manage all the moving parts and ensure smooth operations. Our strategies aim to simplify the scaling process, making it more manageable and efficient.

Another challenge that businesses encounter when scaling is the overhead costs. Scaling often requires additional resources, investments, and infrastructure, which can increase costs significantly. We provide our clients with strategies that not only drive growth but also minimize overhead, ensuring that scaling doesn't become a financial burden.

Furthermore, we understand that roadblocks and obstacles are inevitable when scaling a business. However, we help our clients navigate these roadblocks by providing them with the knowledge and tools to overcome challenges effectively. Our strategies are designed to minimize roadblocks, making the scaling process smoother and less daunting.

Benefits of Scaling Beyond $100k/Mo in Revenue

Scaling your business beyond $100k per month in revenue can bring numerous benefits and opportunities. It opens up avenues for further growth, expansion into new markets, and increased profitability. Here are some key benefits of scaling:

  • Increased market presence: Scaling allows you to reach a wider audience and increase your market share. This can lead to increased brand recognition and a stronger position within your industry.
  • Higher revenue potential: By scaling, you can tap into new revenue streams and capitalize on untapped market opportunities. This can significantly boost your revenue and bottom line.
  • Enhanced competitiveness: Scaling your business positions you as a key player in the market, making you more competitive against other businesses in your industry.
  • Improved efficiency: Scaling often requires streamlining processes and implementing scalable systems. This leads to improved efficiency and productivity, allowing you to achieve more with fewer resources.

“Scaling your business beyond $100k per month in revenue is not just about the numbers; it's about unlocking your business's true potential and creating long-term success.”

Scaling a business can be a rewarding journey, but it requires the right strategies and support. At Peaceful Profits, we provide the guidance and expertise to help businesses navigate the complexities of scaling and achieve sustainable growth.


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Watch Your Business Grow With Less Stress

After working with Peaceful Profits, I witnessed my business flourish while experiencing reduced stress levels. The program focuses on implementing strategies that allow business owners like me to devote more time to serving our customers and pursuing our passions. This not only fosters business growth, but also creates a more fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

The key to success lies in the program's emphasis on stress reduction. By implementing the proven practices and techniques shared by Peaceful Profits, I was able to streamline my operations and optimize my workflow. This reduced the burden on me and my team, freeing up valuable time and energy that could be redirected towards the growth and expansion of my business.

One of the significant advantages of working with Peaceful Profits is the focus on serving our customers. The program provides valuable insights and strategies to help us connect deeply with our target audience, understand their needs, and meet them effectively. By directing our efforts towards serving our customers better, we create a more loyal customer base, leading to increased customer retention and business growth.

Moreover, Peaceful Profits enables us to align our business with our passions. By prioritizing our interests and incorporating them into our business model, we find a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment. This alignment not only enhances our motivation but also attracts like-minded customers who resonate with our mission, resulting in organic growth and amplified impact.

To summarize, Peaceful Profits offers a holistic approach to business growth, stress reduction, and fulfilling entrepreneurship. By implementing the strategies shared in the program, business owners can experience not only financial success but also a sense of fulfillment and joy in their entrepreneurial journey.


“Peaceful Profits has truly transformed my business and my life. I have seen remarkable growth and success while feeling more balanced and fulfilled than ever before. I highly recommend this program to all entrepreneurs looking for sustainable growth with reduced stress.” – Sarah Thompson, CEO of Healthy Habits

“Since implementing Peaceful Profits strategies, I have noticed a significant increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. By focusing on serving our customers and aligning our business with our passions, we have experienced incredible growth and fulfillment. Thank you, Peaceful Profits!” – Ryan Johnson, Founder of EcoSolutions

Benefits of Peaceful ProfitsResults
Reduced stress levelsIncreased productivity and mental well-being
Focus on serving customersEnhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty
Alignment with passionsInspired motivation and organic business growth

Get Out of the “Day-to-Day”

Are you tired of being constantly tied to your business, juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities? Do you long for the freedom to step back and let your business work for you? Peaceful Profits has the solution you've been searching for. We specialize in helping business owners transition from active involvement in day-to-day operations to a more passive form of entrepreneurship. Imagine having the freedom to pursue other interests, spend time with loved ones, or simply enjoy life, all while your business continues to grow.

At Peaceful Profits, we understand the importance of business ownership that allows you to maintain a balance between work and personal life. We empower entrepreneurs to turn their businesses into assets that work for them, rather than being held hostage to their daily operations. Through the implementation of automated services and systems, you can reduce your involvement in the day-to-day tasks, giving you the space and freedom to focus on the things that matter most.

Passive Entrepreneurship: Your Key to Freedom

Passive entrepreneurship is the driving force behind our approach at Peaceful Profits. We believe that business ownership should enhance your life, not consume it. By embracing passive entrepreneurship, you can experience significant benefits such as:

  • Freedom: Break free from the constraints of daily business operations and enjoy the freedom to live life on your own terms.
  • Reduced Involvement: Spend less time dealing with the nitty-gritty of your business and focus on strategic decisions and growth opportunities.
  • Scalable Growth: Create a business that can grow without your constant attention, allowing you to expand into new markets or ventures.

We believe that your business should be a vehicle for personal and financial growth, not a never-ending cycle of stress and overwhelm. Peaceful Profits will guide you on the path to reduced involvement and greater freedom, empowering you to regain control over your time and energy.

“Passive entrepreneurship allows you to shape your business in a way that aligns with your long-term vision and goals. It's about creating a sustainable and fulfilling business model that lets you live life on your own terms.”
– Mike Shreeve, Founder of Peaceful Profits

Join us at Peaceful Profits and unlock the full potential of your business. Experience the joy of watching your business thrive while enjoying the freedom and reduced involvement you've always desired. Take the first step towards a more peaceful and fulfilling business ownership journey with us.

The One Book Millions Method

The One Book Millions Method is a valuable resource within the Peaceful Profits program. In this comprehensive eBook authored by Mike Shreeve, you'll find a step-by-step guide on how to scale your business using low-priced book offers. The strategies and methods shared in this book have been personally used by Mike Shreeve to achieve impressive results, scaling his own business to over $100,000 per month in revenue.

The One Book Millions Method provides valuable insights into various aspects of business growth. From market research and audience expansion to team hiring, marketing, sales services, and automation, this book equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to propel your business forward.

By leveraging low-priced book offers as a scaling strategy, you'll be able to attract a wider audience, generate new leads, and increase your revenue streams. This method allows you to provide value to your customers while simultaneously growing your business and establishing yourself as an authority in your industry.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, the One Book Millions Method offers practical advice and actionable steps to help you achieve your business goals. With a clear focus on scalable growth and low-priced book offers, this method can revolutionize your approach to business expansion.


Peaceful Profits offers a comprehensive set of services and strategies designed to help online entrepreneurs achieve sustainable business growth and digital marketing success. With a focus on simplifying marketing, increasing conversions, expanding audience, and scaling businesses with less complexity, Peaceful Profits provides invaluable resources and guidance.

One of the key components of the program is the One Book Millions Method. This method, outlined in Mike Shreeve's e-book, provides step-by-step instructions on leveraging low-priced book offers to scale businesses. By implementing the strategies shared by Mike Shreeve and his team, entrepreneurs gain actionable insights to build a profitable online brand.

By partnering with Peaceful Profits, entrepreneurs can achieve financial freedom and create successful online ventures. The program's holistic approach to business growth empowers individuals to simplify their marketing efforts, expand their audience, and increase high-ticket sales conversions. With a focus on sustainable practices, Peaceful Profits enables digital marketing success.

If you are looking to take your online business to the next level and achieve long-term sustainable growth, consider exploring the services and strategies offered by Peaceful Profits. With Mike Shreeve's expertise and the comprehensive resources provided, you can confidently navigate the digital marketing landscape and build a profitable and successful online business.


What is Mike Shreeve Peaceful Profits?

Mike Shreeve Peaceful Profits is a program that offers strategies to simplify marketing, cover marketing costs, build a larger audience of customers, increase high ticket sales conversions, scale businesses with less complexity, and reduce stress. It aims to help entrepreneurs achieve sustainable success in their online ventures through mindful business practices and sustainable business growth.

What does Peaceful Profits focus on?

Peaceful Profits focuses on helping coaches, experts, and digital course creators replace static launches with evergreen assets that consistently convert cold prospects into premium clients and customers. The program aims to simplify marketing by using simple and consistent assets that can cover marketing costs and reduce the cost of acquiring new clients to zero.

How does Peaceful Profits help businesses grow their audience?

Peaceful Profits aims to help its clients expand their audience and rapidly grow their following. Through their strategies, they enable businesses to reach and serve more of the people they are passionate about helping. By increasing their customer base, clients can have a larger impact and drive more revenue.

How does Peaceful Profits simplify sales processes?

Peaceful Profits helps automate marketing assets and simplify sales processes for their clients. They aim to enable businesses to sell premium offers and services without the need for complex funnels, deadlines, or launch cycles. By streamlining the sales process, clients can increase high ticket sales conversions and generate more revenue.

How does Peaceful Profits help businesses scale?

Peaceful Profits shares simple and predictable strategies with their clients that drive growth with lower overhead, less work, and fewer roadblocks. Their goal is to help businesses scale beyond 0k per month in revenue by reducing complexity and making the scaling process more manageable.

How does Peaceful Profits reduce stress for business owners?

After working with Peaceful Profits, clients are able to focus more on serving their customers and pursuing their passions. The program aims to help business owners watch their business grow with less stress. By implementing the strategies and practices shared by Peaceful Profits, entrepreneurs can enjoy more freedom and have a more passive version of business ownership.

How does Peaceful Profits help entrepreneurs become passive business owners?

Peaceful Profits aims to help business owners turn their businesses into assets that work for them. They help entrepreneurs get out of the “day-to-day” operations by implementing automated services and systems. By focusing on passive entrepreneurship, clients can enjoy more freedom, reduce their involvement in daily operations, and have a business that grows without constant attention.

What is The One Book Millions Method?

The One Book Millions Method, an eBook by Mike Shreeve, is a key component of the Peaceful Profits program. The book provides a step-by-step guide on scaling businesses using low-priced book offers. It shares strategies and methods that Mike Shreeve has personally used to scale his own business to 0,000+ per month. The book also offers insights into market research, audience expansion, team hiring, marketing and sales services, and automation.

How can Peaceful Profits help online entrepreneurs achieve success?

Peaceful Profits offers a range of services and strategies to help online entrepreneurs achieve sustainable business growth and digital marketing success. The program focuses on simplifying marketing, increasing conversions, expanding audience, and scaling businesses with less complexity. With the One Book Millions Method as a key component, Peaceful Profits provides actionable insights and step-by-step guidance for building a profitable online brand. By implementing the strategies shared by Mike Shreeve and his team, entrepreneurs can achieve financial freedom and build successful online ventures.

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